Youtuber Lasizwe Becomes EFF’s President For The LGBTQI

Youtuber Lasizwe Becomes EFF’s President For The LGBTQI

Youtuber Lasizwe Becomes EFF’s President For The LGBTQI
Youtuber Lasizwe Becomes EFF’s President For The LGBTQI

As the external choices are underway in Mzansi, TV personality Lasizwe Dambuza has intimately championed his favourite party and he’s not bothered by those targeting celebrities for their political cooperation.

The openly gay star also been campaigning for the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in the original government choices and it has been revealed that he’s the EFF’s President For The LGBTQI community.

Tweeps aren’t impressed with notorieties getting paid to rally them to bounce for their favourite parties. This is as they frequently use their influence and power to convert choosers and some just do it for the plutocrat. Pearl Thusi admitted to her mistake, saying she only wanted to put food on the table and had rent to pay when she rallied with the ANC and DA.

Another star who lately entered counterreaction on social media for participating a picture of her wearing an ANC inspired caparison is Makhadzi.

She ruffled major feathers on social media for being combined with the party. Makhadzi had been invited to meet the country’s chairman Cyril. After participating the snap on her Twitter account, Twitter druggies slammed her.

She indeed had to cancel the picture as it burned outrage online and controversial minstrel Ntsiki Mazwai came for her. She took to her Facebook account to pen a lengthy open letter to the Matorokisi hitmaker dragging her for supporting the ruling party.

She said she has worked hard to make her brand and it she isn’t worth “ prostituting” herself for their juggernauts.” You’re too important to cheapen your brand by aligning it with the Phoenix butchery and the burning of food pillaged by the poor. You’re too important to involve yourself in the power plays of old men hanging onto expired power.

Unlike Brenda Fassie, who wore the ANC colors at the dawn of republic … We had noway had a black chairman ahead. So when Brenda Fassie put on those colors they represented commodity important. The only thing ANC represents right now is poverty, corruption and elitism. Are you sure you want to pick sides so beforehand in your career? ANC used to be a emancipation movement, but what has it come moment?
In ending she advised her to guard her integrity and influence.” My advice to you is to guard your integrity and influence with your life, do n’t allow your beautiful gift to be used to sanitize politicians, that’s not your part. The politicians must contend in service delivery and stop trying to ride your surge for applicability. Family you count right now, in your freedom of association please remember that your addict base spreads across the t-shirts. When you choose a color you alienate the others.

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