A memorial service was held to pay tribute to Dr Kenny Makweng, a renowned gospel artist.

A memorial service was held to pay tribute to Dr Kenny Makweng, a renowned gospel artist.

Dr Kenny Makweng
Dr Kenny Makweng



Large numbers of fans and performers of gospel music are anticipated to come together at the Akasia Community Hall in Karen Park, Pretoria, to honor the well-known gospel sensation, Dr. Kenny Makweng, at a memorial ceremony. The famous singer of the song “Ke Mosione” sadly died on Monday after a brief illness, at the age of 51.

According to the family spokesperson, Advocate Mphafolane Koma, everything is prepared. They are fully prepared for the memorial service and anticipate a large turnout of people who want to pay their respects and celebrate Dr. Kenny Makweng. The service is scheduled to begin at 12 PM today and will continue into the early evening.

Dr Winnie Mashaba, a gospel artist who has received multiple awards, expressed her condolences to the family through a message on her social media platform.

“We ask that we are able to freely honor his life without restrictions. Malome Kenny was a musician who touched the lives of all of us. As the Makweng family faces these challenging times, we can support them by sharing stories and memories of their son. We have sadly lost a legendary figure in our traditional gospel music, but we believe that he has found peace in heaven. Rest in peace, dear son of Zion.”

Tributes pour in

After his death, other artists and fans of gospel music have been offering their sympathies to the Makweng family and sharing their surprise about the loss of a prominent figure in the ZCC gospel music community – a genre of music that started within the ZCC church.

Thulani Mthimunye, a close friend and backup singer, expressed his realization of the truth that you have passed away, my friend, Dr. Kenny Makweng. You will forever hold a special place in my heart and in my family. No one else will be able to bring me the happiness that you brought me every day throughout our friendship since 2011. I cherished all the trips we took together, despite others judging you. You were a genuine friend who would wake up and jokingly say, “Sorry Mfanaka, but I didn’t kill anyone,” and we would laugh and move on.

Thapelo Tsotetsi, a student of Makweng, expressed his profound sadness about the death of Moholo Waka Kenny. He struggled to find the right words to express his emotions and found it difficult to process the suddenness of the event. It feels like a nightmare that he has not yet woken up from. Despite this, he takes comfort in knowing that Kenny is now in a better place, as he was a believer.

Makweng, originally from Mpumalanga, started his music career in 1987 by joining the Nkosana and Stocks and Stocks gospel choir, which was established by Charles Nkosana Kodi in Mabopane.

He participated in the debut album of the group titled “A Ba Rapele Ka Nnete” which was produced by Solomon Molokwane, also known as Solly Moholo.

After his father died in 1994, Makweng went back to Mpumalanga and left Stocks and Stocks. However, in 1997 he was convinced to return to recording music. During that year, he collaborated with Masogana A Kgotso and released “Eloyi Lamasabakathane,” the first of many projects he produced until he died.

Makweng, a recording artist, had a successful 27-year career in music where he had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned musicians such as Oleseng Shuping, Nkosana, Lucas ‘Mojeremane’ Xale on the album titled “The Rock,” and also worked alongside other artists like the late Nana Coyote. In addition to these collaborations, Makweng formed groups such as “Bafana Ba Mmino” and “Kenny with Friends.”

Makweng’s funeral will be held on Sunday in Mpumalanga, with the service taking place at his residence in Digwale and his burial occurring in Keerom.