“Why Is 666 Not 777?” Mzansi Reacts To Prince Kaybee’s Unreleased Song Titled “666”

“Why Is 666 Not 777?” Mzansi Reacts To Prince Kaybee’s Unreleased Song Titled “666”

Astral music DJ Prince Kaybee has plant himself in the crossfire after he revealed the title of his unreleased song “ 666”.

Prince Kaybee revealed the title of his unreleased track after a videotape of him performing an unknown song at a show lately surfaced on social media.
A Twitter stoner requested for the title of the song jotting;

“What’s the name of this song bro,” he asked

Responding Prince Kaybee said:

“Prince Kaybee – 666” Not out yet…”

The title raised a lot of eyebrows and sparked Illuminati enterprises.

The number 666 or triadic six is regarded as the mark of the beast.
His pious suckers questioned why he decided to name his unreleased song 666 when he could have so fluently used any other number which isn’t controversial. Some of his suckers prompted him to change it, least he be indicted of satanism or impacting his suckers to join Illuminati.

On the other hand, some of his suckers don’t feel to mind the controversial title as they’re formerly vibing to the track and are prompting him to snappily release it.
Then are some of the responses;
Meawhile, Prince Kaybee isn’t the first artist to spark illuminati enterprises. Before this time, American rapper Lil Nas X made captions after he banded with a New York grounded company MSCHF and produced controversial “ Satan Shoes”
The MSCHF in collaboration with Lil Nas X made 666 dyads of the limited-edition lurkers which vended out within twinkles of release.

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