Watch Now: Who Is Lesedi Ferguson’s husband!!!!

Watch Now: Who Is Lesedi Ferguson’s husband!!!!

Lesedi Ferguson
Lesedi Ferguson

Actress and film maker Lesedi Matsunyane is that the girl of Connie Ferguson from his previous wedding to modern Matsunyane.

Fans went round the bend once she created her debut on The Queen, and since then, there has solely been a method for her to travel -that’s- up. They claim she killed it in this role, and they’d prefer to see a lot of of her on tv. Lesedi is additionally operating as a movie producer within the business.

Aside from her add the recreation world, she, like her mother, is obsessed with health and fitness.

Lesedi Ferguson’s husband/boyfriend

Austin Malema and Lesedi Ferguson square measure notable to possess been during a relationship. whereas there is not a lot of info concerning Malema and Lesedi’s relationship before the baby, individuals believe they were qualitative analysis.


Lesedi was born to Connie Ferguson and modern Matsunyane shortly before their wedding in 1993.


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The film business contains a huge following and viewers from everywhere the globe. Lesedi Matsunyane, United Nations agency had ready herself for the most effective, had her entry within the tv serial Vuselela in 2011.

Her name and appearance were acquainted, however she required to try and do a lot of to determine herself within the South African movie industry. To fill the void, Lesedi Matsunyane appeared in another well-liked tv series, Generation, in 2012, wherever she compete Ruby Dikobe.

She was chosen to play Davina Moore, Associate in Nursing African yank, within the tv drama Rhythm town as a result of she is certainly unflawed at her craft and has been ready to win that African-American accent via arduous learning. She plays a 20-year-old lady troubled to suit into the Johannesburg culture within the series.

The Queen may be a well-liked Ferguson’s Mzansi series. The show is alleged to be connected to Lesedi Matsunyane’s family.


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Lesedi Ferguson contains a son referred to as Rowena Cai Tshiamo Malema. Lesedi’s son was born out of union, consistent with reports. state capital Malema is his father. It’s unclear whether or not Lesedi and Malema square measure presently along or were before the baby was born. His grannie and auntie, square measure each believed to love Rowena.

Lesedi Matsunyane Weight Loss journey

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No lady doesn’t need to reduce, and Lesedi is doing everything she will to take care of her slim figure. thus wherefrom did she get the thought to travel to the gym?

Lesedi credits her motivation to her mother’s social media-shared fitness journey. Connie has been documenting her fitness progress on Instagram, and her girl Lesedi has set to imitate. She additionally concedes that her mother compete a big role in her success which while not her, she might have quit.

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Lesedi, Connie’s eldest girl and a member of her mother’s fight club, took to Instagram to indicate off her improvement, and that we should say, she is trying fantastic!

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