Watch Mzansi Reactions For Cancellation Of The Queen

Watch Mzansi Reactions For Cancellation Of The Queen

The Queen
The Queen

Mzansi telenovela, The Queen is topping Twitter trends following the announcement that 2 of its actors can not be a part of the show and conjointly news that the curtain are closing thereon terribly before long.

Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela took to his Twitter page and wrote:

TV: #TheQueenMzansi CANCELLED

After almost 7 years on air, the Mzansi Magic telenovela will not be renewed for another season.

Barring any changes to accommodate wrapping the storylines, the show will likely end this year.

Now, decision making from the comments, it seems the announcement was long due . when the announcement, there was most publicity with thereforeme individuals speech communication the plot line had become so boring.

Some individuals same they needed a replacement plot, actors and storylines among alternative things and required storylines that don’t embrace medicine and crime.

Below square measure a number of the comments from Twitter:

@Thato7Mk wrote:

About Damn Time, cause I personally think that it was long overdue since the production team has not being innovative or creative for a long time. Only feeling sorry for the cast but I hope they’ll find homes in other telenovas as there seems to be a lot of them

@Cellular_Jnr wrote:

Bye bye… We need new content now. Something different which doesn’t include drugs and crime


Finally 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾. Story lines been stale for years. Hopefully whatever replaces it will be new and fresh. New faces, new writers, new plot.

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