Watch: Lasizwe Spills On His Affair With Legacy Actor

Lasizwe Spills On His Affair With Legacy Actor

Lasizwe Spills On His Affair With Legacy Actor
Lasizwe Spills On His Affair With Legacy Actor

One thing you ought to expect on the Drink Or Tell the reality with Lasizwe is juice and he didn’t disappoint again in the week along side his guest award-winning rapper Nadia Nakai.

This week Lasizwe got a touch bit personal and spoke about his relationship with one among Mzansi’s popular actors, he also spoke about his beef with media personality Somizi Mhlongo.

Nadia’s question to Lasizwe read: “You are with the athlete , an official , and someone within the show business , name one person?”

Lasizwe revealed that he had a thing with Mnet’s Legacy star Teboho Tsotetsi also referred to as Caddy.

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“I are with, well not been but…He is on The Legacy, his name is Caddy Tsotetsi he plays Sanele,” Lasizwe said.

Nadia also asked him why are they not during a relationship.

“Things are very tricky with him and that i . We tryna meet halfway but it doesn’t work. i feel he wants me to be his trophy…I don’t want to take a seat there and await my partner to try to to sh*t on behalf of me ,” Lasizwe responded.

Speaking about his “beef” with Somizi, he said: “Let’s not even lie, he’s undoubtedly talented but as an individual , vibes him and that i no…I just believe that you simply cannot be within the same circle with someone who is doing an equivalent thing as you, but individually no, give me zero for him.”

Nadia also opened about her breakup with Mic Vensa. Read More: Nadia exposes About Her hack With Vic Mensa

She also spoke about how the award-winning rapper Riky Rick let her down.
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She said he canceled on her at the eleventh hour when he was alleged to join her for her shoot.

“…Boss Zonke let me down, we were shooting the naked room, he was alleged to come to shoot and he literally canceled when he was alleged to arrive. I had a client on set, I had my face done and everything. I had to close up and apologize guys he’s not coming.”

She said Riky Rick didn’t even call her and apologize.

“I think he probably called Phindi but not me…” she added.

Phindi is Nadia Nakai’s manager and ally . Speaking about Phindi on Pop Radio earlier this year Nadia said: “She’s been my ally since 2012. She didn’t start out managing me. She was my supporter, my cheerleader and once I started working together with her i noticed how important it’s to possess a manager that cares about your heart. It’s like, this industry is extremely personal.

“A lot of things affect us and you’ve got to possess somebody which will build you up also . It’s a pleasant thing of getting a ally and a manager. Also, the very fact that she’s hardworking, also the very fact that she’s not working on behalf of me . She’s also working for herself. She has her own goals that she wants to realize in music. in order that they quite link alright .”

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