Watch: Kelly Khumalo responds to Jub Jub’s apology

Watch: Kelly Khumalo responds to Jub Jub’s apology

Kelly Khumalo
Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo has indirectly hit back at TV host Jub Jub once his public apology.

The two are trending for quite your time currently once Jub Jub created some inculpatory allegations against Kelly in associate degree interview with mackintosh G on his podcast and chill with MacG.

He conjointly went on to decision her a witch and victimisation him to break free his then girlfriend Amanda Du Pont.

During the contentious interview Jub Jub conjointly unconcealed that he wont to “smash” Amanda.

Well, these allegations brought such a large amount of damages as he was recently given associate degree demand to issue associate degree apology to Kelly or face the implications of losing his job at the channel.

It seems he wasn’t able to lose his bread therefore he free a press release apologizing to Kelly for dragging her name and inflicting her distress.
Watch: Kelly Khumalo responds to Jub Jub’s apology 5
“I would love to apologies for the distress, or hurt i could have caused her following not solely the aftermath of my interview on podcast and chill with mackintosh G however conjointly the other popular opinion,” he said.

Kelly on the opposite hand failed to respond like a shot however few hours past took to her Instagram stories to hit back at Jub Jub.

In a cryptic Instagram story, she shared a screenshot of a tweet by Real speak Kim wherever she had tweeted, “That cyanogenetic monster WHO you saw within the finish is WHO they very square measure. ne’er doubt yourself once more once they act nice. God permits them to point out off to you therefore wouldn’t waste some time and return.”

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Watch: Kelly Khumalo responds to Jub Jub’s apology 6

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