Watch: Katlego Maboe’s Ex-Wife, Monique Muller Flaunts Her New Lover

Katlego Maboe’s Ex-Wife, Monique Muller Flaunts Her New Lover

Monique Muller
Monique Muller

It looks like Monique Muller has plant love formerly again after a largely- publicized break-up with herex-husband Katlego Maboe.

Monique who’s smitten by the new man in her life has been taking to social media to show her new nut.
In one of the filmland she posted her new bae, she let people know that she’s veritably happy. Entitling the picture she wrote;
“She’s happy…Now leave her alone lol.”

It looks like Monique is trying in all means to keep her new nut a riddle. Nothing important is known about the new man who has won her heart. Every time she posts him on social media she makes sure the picture does n’t show his face.
Lately, she decided to tease followers when she posted a romantic picture of herself and her new nut on Instagram Live. Entitling the picture she wrote;
“Because y’all are so nosy, here’s a throwback of us in 2016. That’s all you’re getting.”

Katlego’s marriage with Monique atrophied last time after his cheating reproach with Nikita Murray unravelled.

He was cancelled after there were contended domestic violence allegations about him abusing Monique.

Ever since OUTsurance pulled his announcements from Television and The Expresso Show suspended him, Katlego has been keeping a low profile and has not been in the spotlight.

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