Watch: Inside Minnie Dlamini’s single life

Watch: Inside Minnie Dlamini’s single life

Inside Minnie Dlamini’s single life
Inside Minnie Dlamini’s single life

South African media temperament, actress, and model Minenhle Dlamini, called Minnie Dlamini not solely features a thriving career however a thriving personal life in addition.

In 2017 Minnie and Quinton Jones got engaged and went on to officiate their wedding in an exceedingly news-making wedding. On fifteen February 2022, Minnie stone-broke the news on social media that she and her husband Quinton Jones’ divorce was official.

Watch: Inside Minnie Dlamini’s single life 9

It is no secret that Minnie has been through the foremost since the announcement.

Here could be a check up on her 2022 therefore far:

Recently a infective agent screenshot of Minnie Dlamini purportedly creating fun of her divorce gained the eye of trolls United Nations agency mocked her. when Minnie and Quinton proclaimed their separation months agone trolls had a field day taking digs at the couple, additional particularly Minnie Dlamini.

The most recent incident, a lucid Instagram story, Minnie Dlamini unveil regarding however the weather left her regretting obtaining a divorce. The posts state life as one lady during this weather.

“It is incredibly cold,” browse the primary one. The second post says, “Don’t get single folks. See currently I’m troubled.”

Minnie Dlamini additionally had fans troubled when sharing a cryptic social media post. This post came at a time once trolls were having a field day together with her and her adult male Quinton Jones’ unsuccessful wedding.
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Minnie shared the post, every week when emotional a press release denying the cheating allegations, that apparently saw the top of her wedding.

After sharing the post the TV presenter was showered with kind words with some fans encouraging her to not interact with the hate she is receiving on Twitter.

Despite putt on a daring front most of the time, Minnie has had to agitate loads. Besides addressing her divorce Minnie has been a victim of cyberbullying.

She shared the following: “I won’t tell a word of a lie i’m broken!!! Today’s news could’ve simply been Maine.”

Minnie recently shared a sky video of her, Bonang and Sizwe Dhlomo throughout their Live days. She shared the story of however her career began when taking a trial to audition for the Live presenter search.
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As she marked twelve years since debuting on Live TV, she spoke of all the great recollections they created.

“Today twelve years agone I got the decision that modified my life forever. I had won the Live Presenter Search, I bear in mind that feeling as if it were yesterday.”
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We can solely hope that Minnie continues to possess a happy year crammed with love and additional memorable recollections as she celebrates her birthday these days. Happy Birthday Minnie Dlamini!


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