Watch: Five ZAleb Couples Who Had Messy Divorces

Five ZAleb Couples Who Had Messy Divorces

Watch: Five ZAleb Couples Who Had Messy Divorces
Watch: Five ZAleb Couples Who Had Messy Divorces

Occasionally, despite our stylish sweats, connections just fail, indeed the bones that we allowed were ever. Although divorce isn’t ideal, it takes a cargo off one’s back when it’s quick and easy, and there’s no gratuitous drama. These five celebrity couples weren’t so lucky, as they went through veritably public and messy divorces, utmost with controversial reasons behind the breakdown of the relationship.

Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali
This was one of the most high profile celebrity couples while it lasted, and its end was indeed more dramatic. Enhle, who’s an actress, indicted the internationally- accredited DJ of physical abuse, no less at her birthday party. She indeed took out a protection order against him because she no longer felt safe. She detailed that he’d also abused her ahead when they were still together.

She also took him to court to demand that he pay conjugal conservation and child support for their two children. The marriage was also marred with rumours of infidelity on Black Coffee’s part, although he denied the claims vehemently. The divorce was just as messy as the last days of the marriage, and it isn’t hard to see why.

Loyiso MacDonald and Mathunzi Simphiwe
Loyiso was slighted with divorce papers by his woman after she indicted him of cheating. They had been living piecemeal for four times before Mathunzi eventually decided to cut ties in 2021. The divorce made the captions because of how their means were to be divided. According to Mathunzi, they got married out of community property, and as similar, their division would be different from what would be anticipated
Robert Ngwenya and Zinhle Mabena

Businessman Robert Ngwenya and Isibaya star Zinhle Mabena had one of the most dramatic split-ups. There were indeed allegations that Zinhle was out to kill Robert, performing in the actress getting arrested. Still, Robert refused to address these rumours directly, and rather spoke only of their poisonous 5- time marriage. Allegedly, Zinhle was physically vituperative towards him. He indeed got a restraining order against her after the divorce, which is woeful. You do n’t frequently hear domestic violence going the other way.
Watch: Five ZAleb Couples Who Had Messy Divorces 3
Sarah Langa and Jehan Mackay

While it may not have been as dramatic as the others over, influencer Sarah Langa and herex-husband Jehan Mackay had one of the most intriguing reasons for getting a divorce. Supposedly, they broke up over the influencer’s social media preoccupation. You do n’t hear that one frequently. Being married to an can be tough for a private person, which was Jehan’s dilemma. Supposedly, he asked her to keep him off the limelight, but she refused.

The hardest part of Sarah’s divorce was the fate, as it affected her gemütlichkeit, and she lost her stylish friend in her hubby. And although she neglected to go into details, she mentioned that plutocrat had also been an issue in the relationship, and said that marrying rich (as she had done) isn’t all that it’s hyped up to be.
Nhlanhla Mafu and TK Nciza

Songster Nhlanhla Mafu used to be Nhlanhla Nciza when she was married to TK Nciza, but she regressed to her maiden name when they got disassociated. While their divorce could have else been low profile and drama-free, Twitter investigators were present to fit some mess into it. According to Twitter, TK had allegedly been carrying on an affair with Lebohang Phahla. Supposedly, he indeed bought her a house near where he and Nhlanhla lived, which is just rude!

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