Watch DStv On 5 Devices At No Extra Cost >> KNOW HOW!

Watch DStv On 5 Devices At No Extra Cost >> KNOW HOW!

If you live in a household that has many people who clash on what to watch on DStv, then you’d be glad to know that you can watch your DStv subscription on 5 different platforms. On these 5 different platforms each person can get to choose what they want to watch on DStv without affecting the other 4 people on other devices watching DStv. Ain’t that cool? Here are the 5 platforms you can watch DStv from:

The most obvious and commonly used platform where you can watch DStv is the television (TV). To be able to watch DStv from your telly, you gotta have a DStv decoder and satellite dish. It’s just a matter of walking into a DStv agent outlet, buy the equipment and an installer will set it up and connect your TV.

You can watch DStv on-the-go straight from your smartphone. You only need to download the DStv Now app from Google Playstore or Apple Appstore and go though a few steps to sign-up for the service. DStv Now utilizes the subscription you’ve already paid for (to watch from the TV) so you want pay any extra fee to watch DStv from your phone. You only need to worry about the extra cost of data.

A tablet is loosely a bigger version of a smartphone so the same process that I have just mentioned on above applies when you want to access DStv from your tablet. Again, you don’t pay any extra fee to DStv to watch from your tablet.

Computer: Desktop or Laptop
Simply go to your browser, type and sign up. You will watch DStv from you computer by using the same subscription that you use to watch DStv on your TV.

Smart TV
Since Smart TV’s can run the same apps that run on your smartphone, you can also install the DStv Now app on it and comfortably watch your favourite DStv shows from the Smart TV. Unlike the traditional TV, Smart TVs access DStv through the internet and not through the decoder – so you will need WiFi to watch DStv from your Smart TV. Also, you don’t pay no extra fee to watch DStv from your Smart TV

SOURCE : .techzim