Tweeps Dragged K Naomi For Speaking On Her Stepson

Tweeps Dragged K Naomi For Speaking On Her Stepson

Tweeps Dragged K Naomi For Speaking On Her Stepson
Tweeps Dragged K Naomi For Speaking On Her Stepson

Tweeps area unit under no circumstances jumping for joy following media temperament K Naomi Noinyane speaking concerning her stepchild. K Naomi Noinyane is beneath the tweeps wrath as they feel like her tweet was wrong and inconsiderate.

K Naomi has landed in plight as tweeps area unit career her out for being insensitive and inconsiderate. This comes when her post on Twitter whereas she was speaking on her stepchild, from her husband. Tweeps don’t seem to be affected with however K Naomi has singled out the kid, like she isn’t claiming him as her own.

On her Twitter post, K Naomi mentions however her stepchild wish additional of his siblings on his wedding speech. In a way, the stepchild was slip to K Naomi that he would wish additional siblings from her and his father.

“My stepchild mentioned however he’d like additional siblings in his wedding speech” wrote K Naomi Noinyane

Once seeing the post, tweeps failed to offer K Naomi time or on a daily basis as they instantly took beneath her comments to call and shame her. career her out, tweeps failed to mince their words as they commenced career her insensitive and inconsiderate, amongst different names.

“Rather not refer him if you decision him stepson” wrote Sewela Nkoana

“In black culture we have a tendency to don’t use step* simply say my son..” wrote Mrs Galekhutle

“The incontrovertible fact that you decision him a “Step” says ALLOT…I live to tell the tale forty five Bekker road,Midrand if you wanna fight” wrote Ngwana male parent

“No that’s your SON! stepchild ke manyala afeng” wrote Pamela MKH

Meanwhile different tweeps have come back to K Naomi’s defense with claims that she aforementioned nothing incorrectly, insensitive and or inconsiderate.

“No she’s correct, it’s her stepchild cause his mother is alive and mothering… She could love him sort of a son, however she didn’t birth him. Abeg conjointly don’t paint Naomi bent be a villain cause it suits your narrative” wrote Lebohang Morake

“All of you’re mad. If she aforementioned “my son” nkabo LE bua gore hee does not the kid have his own mother eng eng, do not replace the mother as a result of you are married to the child’s father. Weird bunch” wrote Owami

On the opposite hand, some tweeps area unit suspecting that K Noami was touching on her husband, and therefore the hidden message to her tweet was to insinuate that she was pregnant.

“You’re pregnant??” wrote MaGcwensa

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