TV and Radio personality Bujy Bikwa Breaks His Silence

TV and Radio personality Bujy Bikwa Breaks His Silence

Bujy Bikwa Breaks His Silence
Bujy Bikwa Breaks His Silence

TV and Radio temperament Bujy Bikwa has finally versed the allegations that he maltreated media temperament Boity Thulo last Tues at a happening in Midrand.

In the statement he discharged, Bujy aforesaid he feels victimised as a result of he wasn’t given an opportunity to inform his aspect of the story.

“I was verbally abused and told that my last name has no relevance UN agency i’m and since of that, that’s why my career goes obscurity in terms of growth, in fact, “what is it that I neutralise the media business as a result of i’m truly nothing!” he aforesaid.

He discovered that in the verbal confrontation, he was conjointly physically maltreated, “being kicked and punched whereas being told that “I am a person, I am a man,” i have to take it. The pain of suffering of getting to let a lady abuse Maine verbally and physically whereas attempting to contain myself and holding her hands to prevent wasn’t enough till witnesses managed to take away the case. That failed to build matters refined, because it was continued that i used to be affronted.”

He aforesaid he then accidentally threw a glass of wine that he was holding at her out of frustration with none intention to cause hurt. And he acknowledges that things may are handled otherwise, “and I sincerely do apologize for the way it all over.” he said.

Bujy aforesaid once the incident, he tried reaching dead set Boity with no luck. “I then spoke to my management team and suggested them concerning what had transpired on Tues evening and what I had tried to realize in resolution the matter before the need of taking any action,” he explained.

He spent a few of days in police custody once he reportedly bimanual himself over to the police. He was discharged on R2000 bail this Wednesday with conditions that he doesn’t get connected with Boity.
TV and Radio personality Bujy Bikwa Breaks His Silence 3
The presenter aforesaid the past few days are tough for him owing to the Gender-Based Violence (GBV) allegations leveled against him, “I are suspect of GBV that in no method sits well with Maine as I even have been tagged as Associate in Nursing wrongdoer.” he continued to mention that he’s not Associate in Nursing wrongdoer and he’s unhappy that individuals square measure basic cognitive process and siding with one aspect of the story.

He aforesaid he has conjointly opened a case of common assault against “the culprit” for physically offensive him.
“….and once being in pain from the injuries I sustained for seven days, being command in police custody, I even have received medical attention and have stuffed my medical records towards my counter case.”

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