”The Queen”: The latest episode of people talking about Mjekejeke Jackpot

‘The Queen’: The latest episode of people talking about Mjekejeke Jackpot

The Queen
The Queen

Ferguson Flicks telenovela The Queen is surely a addict fave as it keeps observers fused to the screen every night at 2100

The week’s occurrences have had a focus on Mjekejeke cotillion with lady luck, where he won big time in the Lotto but is yet to tell a soul.
Looks on social media have been trying to advise Mjakes on what his coming move should be, the big question is should he tell Patronella
Mzansi Magic’s The Queen is trending on social media after last night’s racy occasion. The occasion named Plutocrat Makes The World Go Round had numerous talking about Mjekejeke’s lotto palm and how long he is going to keep the plutocrat a secret.
This week on The Queen Mjekejeke came a veritably lucky numerous when he took his chances with the lotto and actually scored the jackpot. The Khoza truck motorist has been keeping the news of his palm to himself as he figures out what he’s going to do with his recently plant fortune.

Observers on Twitter are overjoyed for Mjekejeke but the maturity agrees that he surely shouldn’t tell his woman Patronella about his recently plant riches or differently he’ll find himself on the coming occasion of I Blew It.

‘The Queen’loses her throne as observers get wearied “ Wrap it up” Compactly News reported Mzansi TV observers are just not happy with the direction original telenovela
The Queen is going. Numerous suckers feel that the show needs to take a break so they can get their story together.

The script is losing‘that thing’and suckers have taken to social media to state out their grievances. It has been a delicate time for the cast and crew of the show ever since they lost showco-creator and patron Shona Ferguson. Still, the show has had to go on and the results are showing.

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