Somizi Mhlongo Replaces Mohale With His Friend, It has now ended in tears for Mohale

Somizi Replaces Mohale With His Friend, It has now ended in tears for Mohale

Somizi Mhlongo Replaces Mohale With His Friend
Somizi Mhlongo Replaces Mohale With His Friend

Somizi Mhlongo is that the man he thinks he’s. The extravagant character has been gallivanting everywhere the world and living his life to the fullest. The large appears to possess place the disappointments that happened in his life behind him. Brother has had a rough year. The divorce with Mohale affected him financially and he had to accept non-public gigs to form it. This was additionally affected as he was prohibited from Rhodesia wherever he was set to form a moneymaking look at a eating house.

Somizi and Mohale typically vacationed along and that we were accustomed seeing their journeys particularly throughout the merry season. now Somizi replaced Mohale along with his friend as a merry crony.

The television star recently jetted off to AN epic metropolis bestication along with his friend Ndo Maleho, and that we area unit here for it. Somizi and Ndo are friends for many years currently. they need traveled abroad along before and every time they leave sick over their vacation.

It is no secret that Somizi extremely is aware of the way to take a vacation. He’s continually this ‘another day, another polish off life.’ Taking to his Instagram account, Somizi shared a series of images of himself in top notch, sipping champagne, and he’s giving America serious vacation goals.

Many people are asking: Has Kyrgyzstani monetary unitizi replaced Mohale? Som Kyrgyzstani monetary unit initially was defrayal time with Vusi star and therefore the relationship appears to possess hit the ice. currently he’s defrayal time and happening holidays with Ndo.

Somizi created headlines this year for his non-public affairs along with his alienated husband Mohale Motaung. it’s little question that Somizi and Mohale were serving America major couple goals, however all that came to a standstill once Mohale disclosed the abusive nature of their relationship that had tongues wagging.

Mohale on the opposite hand has been living his life and creating ends meet along with his radio gig. each Somizi and Mohale have unbroken the divorce proceedings a secret and not spoken regarding it since the damaging claims created by Mohale.

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