Shock: Cyan Boujee exposes her Boss, Busta 929 who wants tlof tlof on the side

Cyan Boujee exposes her Boss, Busta 929 who wants tlof tlof on the side

Cyan Boujee exposes her Boss
Cyan Boujee exposes her Boss

Mzansi influencer, Cyan Boujee has discovered that she left Amapiano DJ Busta 929‘s record label Thupa trade because of variety of problems. one in all them is that she alleges Busta needed to own one thing over knowledgeable relationship along with her, however she declined. Things went south from there ahead.

In a short statement, Cyan discovered that she isn’t any longer managed by Thupa trade.

“This statement serves to tell all promoters, complete partners and associates that i’m not a Thupa trade signee with immediate result,” the statement starts off.

She then made public variety of problems she visaged with the label, as well as them wanting her to trend for the incorrect reasons therefore she gets bookings.

“I created the choice to go away Busta’s record label because of the unskilled behaviour that i will be able to define below. I signed to Thupa five months agone beneath associate degree creative person management deal. Upon sign language to Busta’s label, one in all the managers from the label created scandals regarding Pine Tree State and their reasoning was that they can’t secure any gigs on behalf of me while not trending.

“The manager additionally insisted that I post alternative stuff to make sure that I trend for days. throughout this point i used to be additionally requested to market Busta’s songs and continuously tag him. i used to be secure that we might have a song and EP prepared at the start of August, but when several sleepless nights in studio with the team, none of the songs are free nor bimanual over to Pine Tree State as secure,” she additional that her USB’s would go missing.

She then cited “unprofessional behaviour and unrealized promises” as a part of the issues. She additionally alleged that Busta blocked her range with no clarification provided and that they “refused to let Pine Tree State terminate my contract till the help of my attorney.”

“In retrospect, i’m unsurprised by his behaviour as when sign language he enlightened Pine Tree State that he would really like to pursue one thing else on the far side a relationship with Pine Tree State, that I refused,” she additional.

Cyan then given new booking details.

Shock: Cyan Boujee exposes her Boss, Busta 929 who wants tlof tlof on the side 3

Busta has continuously been within the news for the incorrect reasons as well as alleged predatory behaviour and a few even alleged he fertilized a 17-year-old. However, he has not addressed any of the allegations.

Just a number of weeks agone, he was vulnerable for allegedly exploiting Mgiftoz human.

“I mean I work my ass out on most trending songs,not even obtaining the credit I be,the square measure folks up till nowadays WHO don’t apprehend am the player behind, Sdudla no Slenda,Vandam ,Sgodo ,Yuriboyka, Nompumelelo and etc am scripting this in tears cause I Pine Tree Statean I even have a girl that desires me full force as a father n here iam famed however with a coffee bank balance,what a lot of regarding my mother she endowed alot on Pine Tree State wish to ascertain Pine Tree State winning and having enough cash to require care of Pine Tree State if I will tell my whole story it won’t be nice” wrote Mgiftoz human on social media.

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