Que DJ Intends to become a radio jock.

Que DJ Intends to become a radio jock.

Que DJ Intends to become a radio jock.
Que DJ Intends to become a radio jock.

One half the Distruction Boyz, Thobani “Que” Mgobhozi, has been chasing his dreams once he launched his solo career and he has several plans lined up, together with change of integrity the radio world.

While the show business has taken a tough knock throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Que aforementioned he has been trying to find alternative ways to urge revenue streams, and radio is one factor wherever he’s wanting to undertake his hand.

“I’ve been attempting for a few time to urge into radio. It’s been my biggest dream for the longest time however i believe my music popped 1st. That’s one factor I’m pushing currently. I’ve been recording demos, I’ve been acceptive invites to host shows.” he told TshisaLIVE

“I haven’t studied radio however it’s a factor on behalf of me. I’m hopeful and excited that individuals will see the drive I even have. I’m receptive urban radio. I don’t see myself beginning tiny attributable to the name I’ve created for myself however we’ll see.”

Que aforementioned 2 years while not having the ability to push their music as he usually would has created him assume a lot of creatively.
Que DJ Intends to become a radio jock. 3
“Covid-19 has slowed things down such a lot. the most important challenge on behalf of me has been uncertainty, I don’t take it straightforward once I’m unsure concerning things therefore I’m that one that, after I decide to do one thing, it offers American state energy, however if I’m unsure concerning things i buy terribly anxious. I suffer with anxiety and that i tend dip. immediately it’s concerning finding ways in which to maneuver forward.”

The producer and his girlfriend Zinzyswa Mayekiso welcome their baby boy in Gregorian calendar month 2018 and Que aforementioned everything that he will is actuated by his growing family.

“Having Inathi in my life has created things extremely clear on behalf of me. If I don’t work he will not be a licensed lover boy.

“Having him has created American state wish to stay doing a lot of and a lot of therefore he will have a much better life than I did.. It’s superb to be a begetter to such an attractive young boy and to possess the family I even have and therefore the girlfriend I even have. She’s therefore subsidiary.”

While he remains a neighborhood of the Distruction Boyz cluster, he’s free 2 EPs and one by one become a SA Music Award political leader. tho’ he’s a producer, he’s additionally operating laborious at sharpening his writing skills.

Last Friday Que launched a brand new single known as individuals area unit Burning that is galvanized by the urban center gqom wave.

“People {are|ar|area unit|square American stateasure} overwhelming the music that the speech communication the gqom genre is dead is confusing to me. individuals like gqom and they’ve likeable it for the longest of your time. That’s why I ne’er lost hope or stopped creating gqom, I simply carried on as a result of it’s the energy within the street that’s keeping American state going.”

Que is wanting to launch another EP and unleash a lot of music together with his partner Zipho “Goldmax” Mthembu.

“I’m stoked and super excited as a result of I’m back with my boy. We’re doing superb things, we’re creating superb music once more. It’s reaching to be large.”

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