PICS: MaMkhize looks stunning at the wedding

PICS: MaMkhize looks stunning at the wedding


As usual, it’s another exciting weekend for MaMkhize indeed, exciting is a sarcasm considering however huge this weekend is. Shauwn brought out her best wedding apparel as nowadays marks her younger brother’s wedding.

“IT’S A WEDDIND DAY!!! because the elder sisters to our pricey brother Dedani we have a tendency to created positive we have a tendency to showed up for one amongst our own. @nozipho_ngubo i like you sis,” she denote, sharing a picture of her and her older sister.

She conjointly wanted a heat welcome to their new sister relation Sthoko.

“A terribly heat welcome to our new sister Sthoko, wish you and Dedani more years of affection and happiness. might your union forever be blessed. many thanks to the Mkhize family at giant for such an exquisite celebration.”

Earlier in the week Mamkhize expressed her excitement over the weekend ahead. She conjointly unconcealed she was excited to ascertain Dendani group action the cash in question and rental the law run it’s course.

As a giant sister I took it upon myself to come back and play my role to unite the family prior this weekends festivities. It stone-broke my heart to ascertain my pricey father Dr Zweli Mkhize and my brother Dedani at odds with one another, however nowadays we’ve defied the percentages and tried that blood very is thicker then water.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

I’m glad that Dedani did the proper issue by group action all the cash in question to the SIU and permitting the law to run its cause.

When all is alleged and done family comes 1st and politics last. we have a tendency to area unit certain by blood and that we owe it to ourselves to be our own peacemakers in spite of what.❤️❤️❤️

It fills my heart to grasp that every one is well and that we area unit one! Ngiyabonga koKhabazela, I pray that we have a tendency to stay a united force, as I perpetually tell my boys @royalam_fc divided we have a tendency to fall and United we have a tendency to stand.

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