OK Zimbabwe launched their eCommerce store : How To Buy From OK’s Online Store

OK Zimbabwe launched their eCommerce store : How To Buy From OK’s Online Store


OK Zimbabwe launched their eCommerce store and whilst its not in a perfect state right now, they launched a guide on how to effectively make purchases on their online store:

Sign up for an account or log into your account

Search for the product you want

When you find the product state the quantities that you want

Once you are happy, add the product to your shopping cart by clicking on the add to cart button

Do actions 1 to 3; for all the products you want

For your convenience, at the top right corner, you can see the total value of your shopping basket

Once you are done shopping, click on the shopping cart to the top right corner. You will see a summary of your shopping basket and the total cost. At this point, you can still make adjustments to your order, or even return to do more shopping. Once you are happy, you can click the check-out button

At checkout, you will see your details (or if you are not logged in, you will be prompted to do so)

If you are not collecting your goods, we will ask you to fill out details of the person picking up the order, their full name and contact mobile number

You will also select your collection point from the options available from the drop-down button

Once you are happy with your order and completed details, you will be directed to where you will make your payment securely. Please note, we use a third-party provider for your payments and the online store does not keep any of your payment information

Once your payment is complete, you will receive your completed order number which you or your beneficiary will use to collect the order from your selected store

From the guide, it’s clear that there are no deliveries at this point in time and you’ll have to pick up your groceries from the stores which compromise the e-commerce experience but the eCommerce store is still a step in the right direction for OK Zimbabwe.

SOURCE : techzim