Nadia Nakai thanks Cassper for all the help

Nadia Nakai thanks Cassper for all the help

Nadia Nakai thanks Cassper for all the help
Nadia Nakai thanks Cassper for all the help

When Nadia Nakai left Cassper Nyovest’s record marker Family Tree, she was well within her bag. The rapper has launched her veritably own recording marker named after her of course. Bragga Records is Nadia’s coming major master move and she has Cassper to thank for the provocation.

Taking to social media to advertise her major master moves Nadia Nakai introduced the totem of her marker and suckers are impressed.”I ’m so agitated about the coming chapter of my life! Then’s to officially starting my own record marker BRAGGA RECORDS. I would n’t be suitable to do this without@casspernyovest and@familytreeworld THANK YOU for all that you invested in me over the times!”
Dispatches of congratulations have been submerging for Nadia Nakai but one person who has remained mute about this is the man himself, Cassper Nyovest.

Cass presumably kept his laurels down from the limelight but nevertheless he’s presumably proud wherever he is.
The two did have a lowkey fallout and Nadia did speak about it during her interview with Slikour on his YouTube channel. “ I’m no longer with The Tree. I’m working on my own record marker. I need to be suitable to stand on my own. Funny enough, I was actually spooked to tell Cass. Indeed after I told him, I could feel that he was a bit sad, but we’re good.

“ He indeed suggested a many record marker names for me to use. I’ll always hold Cass in the loftiest regard and respect because he’s been veritably necessary in my career and my life. I want to be suitable to get to a point where indeed when I’ve kiddies, I can still work on an artist and laboriously make their brand. I’m a little bit spooked but also super agitated.”
Nadia also mentioned formerly that her relationship with Cass did get hit a bit when she broke chuck with AKA on his Braai Show. She said Cassper didn’t speak to her for months but latterly warmed up to her again. “ After I did the Braai Show we did n’t speak for like eight months so I got so habituated to not talking to him much.”

“ It was a decision I made for myself because I felt like I wanted to expand myself. I suppose people just felt like I automatically inherited effects he (Cassper) is going through and that kinda trickled down to me and would affect me as well. Indeed though he’s my family and I ’ll always support him and have his reverse I felt like I demanded to open up myself a little bit more because I need to be seen as someone who’s platonic.

A addict had asked her how did he feel about her being on the show and she responded by saying, “ Well, I did n’t tell him and I have n’t seen him in a couple of months so. I do n’t know.”

Cassper formerly broke his own silence on the issue when a addict asked if he and Nadia are beefing or not. He responded by saying “ She left the marker and we no longer work together, so naturally we wo n’t hang as much. She’s got a new platoon and I ’m sure she ’ll be good because she always did her own thing anyway,” he wrote.

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