Murdah and Zinhle celebrate Asante’s first birthday

Murdah and Zinhle celebrate Asante’s first birthday

Murdah and Zinhle celebrate Asante's first birthday
Murdah and Zinhle celebrate Asante’s first birthday

Time will fly so. it’s unbelievable that a couple of month agone, DJ Zinhle and her adult male Murdah Bongz, welcome their 1st kid along – a female descendant. quick forward to nowadays, baby Asante is popping one month recent.

To mark Asante’s one month birthday, Murdah took to social media to share a good looking snap of a cake with Asante at the rear and it looked pleasant-tasting. He labeled Zinhle and Asante on the post and captioned it “We square measure one month recent nowadays.”

Asante is already a social media star. Her Instagram account has already reached over 40K followers and that we square measure here for the content.

Murdah has been enjoying fatherhood and he’s hands on once it involves taking care of his female descendant. World Health Organization would not, right? He usually shares videos and snaps of them bonding, effort U.S.A. feeling all broody.

Seeing a father World Health Organization actively participates within the lives of their youngsters is ennobling. He and Zinhle square measure entirely smitten over their bundle of joy and that we square measure here for it.

Zinhle recently spread out concerning nursing Asante associated aforesaid it’s an extreme sport. In her opinion, individuals ought to have warned her that breastfeeding isn’t pleasant. “Breastfeeding kicked my a**, Wow!” she exclaimed. “Someone ought to have told Pine Tree State however tough it might get. Anyway I wont eventually, but Wow,” she more.

In addition, several oldsters square measure swamped with sleep deprivation and constant crying at the hours of darkness. DJ Zinhle and Murdah are changed into zombies by their female offspring Asante. “Murdah and that i appear as if zombies from the shortage of sleep. Our baby calm and she or he sleeps well however a replacement born continues to be such a lot add the night. we have a tendency to square measure seeing flames,” she said.

DJ Zinhle has discovered that she doesn’t need to urge married however her bae Murdah Bongz insists that he desires to “do the correct factor.” the correct factor will solely mean that she and Murdah to create things official and become a family.
Murdah and Zinhle celebrate Asante's first birthday 3
During their stroll, Zinhle breaks the news to Murdah however he implement doing the correct factor however Zinhle asks him, “the right factor for who?”

She then speaks to a friend World Health Organization tells her that she is prepared for a marriage. however Zinhle’s blank face says it all. maybe the correct factor for her family is that Bongani Mohosana has got to come back and pay damages since he inseminated her.

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