Miss SA Lalela Mswane won second place in Miss Universe 2021

Miss SA Lalela Mswane won second place in Miss Universe 2021

Miss SA Lalela Mswane won second place in Miss Universe 2021 3
Miss SA Lalela Mswane has finished alternate runner-up at the Miss Universe pageant, held in Israel on Monday.

The star made the top five, along with Miss India Harnaaz Sandhu, Miss Paraguay Nadia Ferreira, Miss Colombia Valeria Ayos and Miss Philippines Beatrice Luigi Gomez.

Sandhu walked down with the crown for India, with Ferreira and Mswane as runners-up,
In her final statement before the winner was blazoned, Mswane prompted youthful women to “ choose courage over comfort at every occasion they get”.

“ I would like youthful women to know that since the morning of time they’ve had everything within them to achieve anything they wanted, it’s the world that induced that we do not”
24- time-old Mswane shone brightly at several points in the pageant, including at the separate public costume competition on Friday where she wore a white outfit symbolising “ a Dove of Peace”.

She impressed again in the evening wear section at the main form, walking the stage in this stirring number.

Mswane inspired numerous in the question and answers sections, when she spoke of cancel culture and supported for “ redemption culture”.

“ I believe that everyone should be held responsible for their conduct and if a person doesn’t know how to act on social media, they should be cancelled. I believe in cancel culture. In the same breath, I believe in redemption culture and hoping the person has progressed, learnt and done better. I hope they do better and redeemed. I do believe they can grow and should be given the gap to do that.”
Mswane’s participation in the pageant had been marred in contestation, with politicians and civil society calling on her to take a station against Israel in that country’s conflict with Palestine.

The SA government pulling their countersign of her, claiming the Miss SA Organisation didn’t feel eager to appreciate the negative impact of representing the country in Israel.
The Miss SA organisers defended Mswane’s participation, saying it was “ not getting involved in a political war of words” but was rather looking forward to watching the lately culminated beauty queen proudly represent the country on an transnational stage.

In an interview with The Jerusalem Post over the weekend, Mswane said her “ soul would not have been at peace” if she had skipped the pageant.
A devout unqualified, Mswane said she felt “ calmness and a sense of renewal” after visiting the Church of the Holy Sepulchre at the Old City of Jerusalem.

She said that she stayed auspicious in the midst of the counterreaction.
“ Certain people have put me through hell and back. It has not been the easiest thing to deal with. But I choose to be auspicious. The way everything unfolded reminded me of His greatness and why I ’m then.”

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