Makhosazana on Imbewu is also the daughter of Ngcolosi?

Makhosazana on Imbewu is also the daughter of Ngcolosi?

Makhosazana on Imbewu is also the daughter of Ngcolosi?
Makhosazana on Imbewu is also the daughter of Ngcolosi?

South African Soapie Imbewu was brought to our screens back on the 16th of April 2018.

The characters on the series embody Leleti Khumalo, Raphael Griffiths, Thembi Mtshali and Muzi Mathabela among several others.

The television series was principally a couple of secret that was unbroken by the Bhengu family regarding the sterility of their son. The son Zimele Bhengu married to Nokubonga Zulu was unfertile that the mother in law Mandlovu determined to let her different son Shongololo to impregnate her girl in law Mazulu for the sake of her son UN agency is unfertile.

The secret was later discovered and Zimele was created aware that the kids he thought were his don’t seem to be.

As the show elapsed we tend to were introduced to new characters Nkululeko and Thokozile mother and son UN agency came to our screens and shaked things up. it had been discovered that Nkululeko is Zimele’s biological son. Thokozile began together with her obsession with Zimele reminding MaZulu that she was favorite by Zimele.

Viewers of the series understood that Nkululeko is Zimele’s son and warned up to the concept of the very fact that Nkululeko is that the solely seed (Imbewu) that Zimele had. As shortly because the 2 had a father and son relationship, Thokozile killed Zimele. it had been then discovered that Zimele had left his inheritance on Nkululeko and left nothing for his woman Mazulu.

During the ceremony that was control for Zimele a mystery lady showed up and viewers had thought she was one in every of Ngcolosi’s girlfriends. She later explained that she had ne’er met the person however the person had bought tuition and he or she is grateful therefore she needed to pay her respect. quick forward the Fikile started operating for Zimele’s company Maluju oil and got into a relationship with Nkululeko.

It was recently discovered that Fikile is additionally Zimele’s girl. She couldn’t clean and handle the news as a result of she was during a relationship with Nkululeko. She submerged herself.

Now viewers ar confused on why all of a fast Ngcolosi will clean his own kids. What specifically happened for him to not be able to clean kids along with his woman.
Makhosazana on Imbewu is also the daughter of Ngcolosi? 3
The show introduced new characters like Makhosazana compete by former Scandal thespian Lusanda Mbane UN agency additionally plays a villan on Imbewu.

Viewers started closing that she may additionally at a later stage discover that she is Ngcolosi’s girl.

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