Khanyi Mbau Talks About Relationship With Zimbabwe’s Kudzai

Khanyi Mbau “Men Are There To Protect & Serve Me”

Khanyi Mbau
Khanyi Mbau

The Wife, histrion Khanyi Mbau has opened on her relationships, oral communication that men area unit there to guard and serve her. in keeping with the vibrant histrion, men area unit imagined to defend her from victimization her own cash to acquire things she desires. Then they’re imagined to serve her by transferral her the items that they’d have bought her.

Khanyi disclosed this in an exceedingly teaser for Netflix’s new reality show “Young, far-famed and African.” The show can premier on eighteen March 2022.

In the teaser, Khanyi Mbau partly speaks concerning her relationships along with her baby pop Mandla Mthembu and her current bae, 28-year-old Kudzai Mushonga from Rhodesia.

Khanyi in short touched on her relationship with Mandla and explained however she had earned the name “Gold digger.”

Said Khanyi,

“Being a gold-digger, well, I earned the name when I had a baby with my baby daddy. He was 31 years older than me, and people said,

‘It can’t be love.  She’s definitely there for his money. She’s a gold-digger.’”

She went on to talk on her relationship with Kudzai, oral communication that she at first thought she would be a sugar baby all her life. However, when meeting Kudzai, she became a mountain lion.

Cougar may be a term wont to describe associate older lady World Health Organization uses a similar predatory techniques as men, together with that specialize in members of the alternative sex World Health Organization area unit abundant younger than she is.

Khanyi aforementioned,

“I thought I’d be a sugar baby all my life. But now I’m a cougar. I am dating a 28-year-old, and I’m 35.”

She then playfully printed the roles for men in her life: there area unit there to serve and defend her.

You can watch Khanyi Mbau speaking on the teaser for Netflix’s “Young, far-famed and African.”

Men are like the police. They protect and serve. Period.

“Protect me from taking out my card and paying for those sneakers.  

“Serve me by bringing that paper bag that you paid for me. Serve me by bringing that paper bag that you paid for to me.

“Protect and serve.”

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