Kelly Khumalo Slams False Prophets

Kelly Khumalo Slams False Prophets

Kelly Khumalo Slams False Prophets
Kelly Khumalo Slams False Prophets

Award-winning singer Kelly Khumalo has had enough with faux prophets. She took to Instagram to place them on blast speech if they’re reaching to strive her, they higher associate with “receipts.”
“So i used to be not reaching to address this however ME being ME i’m not a coward, ne’er was and ne’er are going to be,” she aforesaid beginning her video.

Kelly aforesaid she may be a kid of God and he or she has access to things that people don’t have access to therefore she is going to not be fooled by faux prophets.

“You grasp those ones, faux prophets with their visions, premonitions, apocalyptic nonsense they wish to simply provide info. My sweet if you’re reaching to return at ME with those things, i would like receipts.

“Also i’m a toddler of God, i’m a toddler of the Holy Spirit it means that I even have access to things that some individuals don’t have access to,” she extra.

She aforesaid all she has to do is raise God if the data within the prophecy is true or not, then she is going to grasp. She continued: “…because of these faux prophets they bring about nothing however distraction. They ne’er prophesy stunning things.”

Using her well-liked Russian accent, Kelly has been addressing vital problems on her social media platforms. a number of days agone she spoke regarding girls UN agency fight each other for “stealing” their men.

“How are you able to steal a full individual, it isn’t doable. Why is it that North American nation girls, once we verify our husband or swain or situationship is cheating and also the very first thing you wish to try to to is dock the girl? Why do not you dock the MF that you simply ar sleeping with? do not be a phony as a result of he jumps over you and finds some other person, however you wish to dock the opposite woman, sies,” she said.

She continued to mention, “If you return on behalf of me and you don’t choose your swain or situationship or husband, and you’re coming back on behalf of me, you’re reaching to get what you’re searching for. I’m reaching to beat the living daylight out of you. Not as a result of I’m fighting for the person, I’m beating foolishness out of you, and once I’m finished with you, I’m reaching to choose your husband or no matter sh*t you have got in your house, and choose him, then leave each of you, simply to show you a lesson that you simply choose your bullshit, not me.”

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