How to activate Google Chrome’s Tab Groups “Productivity Junkies”

How to activate Google Chrome’s Tab Groups “Productivity Junkies”

Those of you running Google Chrome’s latest version (v81 at the time) and upward will be happy to know that Chrome now has a feature that allows you to group tabs together.

The aptly named Tab Groups feature gives you the ability to keep related tabs together in groups, making it easier to keep sites organised in meaningful groups.

How to activate the feature?
To take advantage of this handy option, follow the steps below;

You just need to be running Chrome 81;
Right-click a tab and select the ‘Add to new group’ option;
The selected tab will change colour to help you to identify the group in future;
You can add more tabs to a group you’ve created by simply dragging and dropping them into place.
If after updating your browser the option to “add to new group” doesn’t appear you can manually turn on the option by going to chrome://flags/#tab-groups (or just visit chrome://flags and search for ‘Tab Groups’.

After turning on the feature relaunch your browser and you’ll be able to group tabs, which will look like this;

The tabs with highlighted colours are the Tab Groups

SOURCE : .techzim