HHP’s widow is about to commit suicide due to the death of DJ Dimplez

HHP’s widow is about to commit suicide due to the death of DJ Dimplez

HHP's widow
HHP’s widow

Could HHP’s widow air the verge of suicide due to DJ Dimplez ?

Popular publiciser and HHP’s widow, Lerato Sengadi, has expressed nice pain over the death of DJ Dimplez, admitting that she continues to be in disbelief.

Lerato was terribly on the point of DJ Dimplez. The hip hop deejay folded and died on Sunday once a brain injury, that may be a form of stroke.

Lerato has wailed expressively over DJ Dimplez’ overtime, sorrowing that she is currently numb as this death has pushed her nearer to the sting.

Lerato shared on Instagram: “I don’t have the capacity. I don’t have the bandwidth. I don’t have the strength. I don’t have anything more to give. I’m now broken and hanging on by a thread. This sh*t is unreal and so unfair. I’ve been in a perpetual state of grief and loss for so long that I can’t even remember what my life without grief was like. Dimples waka. I refuse to believe it. I even sent u a WhatsApp waiting for u to come online and respond to me quick like you always did! No ways guys! We are being punished. We are living the kind of life where we are always waiting to hear who’s next. I love you Tumi…forever.”

Lerato lost her husband, HHP, in 2018 in a very suspected suicide case. In 2021, her mother sadly gave up the ghost. currently her shut friend DJ Dimplez is gone. may she take her own life like her husband did?

Local celebrities like actresses Sims Ngema and Wendy Gumede, and musician expression were in her comments section on Instagram, consolatory her.

“It’s always the good ones that leave us and that’s why I believe that death is only a bad thing for those that are left behind, it must be beautiful on the other side. Every day that goes by is a day closer to us seeing our loved ones again❤️,” Sims Ngema said.


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