Gogo Maweni Talks About claims she used muthi on SK Khoza “He pushed me”

Gogo Maweni Talks About claims she used muthi on SK Khoza “He pushed me”

Gogo Maweni
Gogo Maweni

He pushed me: Gogo Maweni speaks on claims she used muthi on SK Khoza
Tweeps are accusive Gogo Maweni of exploitation Juju on her baby daddies following one amongst her posts on social media.

On the post, she wrote “The outcome was to depart them with nothing.…. if my children don’t “eat” nobody chuck.”

This backfired on her with netizens accusive her of entrancing one amongst her baby daddies SK Khoza.

Recently Sk Khoza trended on social media once video footage of him verbally offensive associate degree unidentified White circulated. it’s alleged that once this incident happened, he was below the influence of medication.

People prefer to say nonsense. I don’t have, my family apprehend that. I’ve taken drug tests ahead of my members of the family. It’s virtually one amongst those moments wherever i used to be rubbed the incorrect manner and that i reacted, that’s that,” denied SK of being below the influence of medication.

Gogo Maweni UN agency is blessed for Sk Khoza’s wild behavior, cleared the air alluding that she failed to bewitch him however it absolutely was him UN agency pushed her.

She [Gogo Maweni] additional that she is incredibly willing to cleanse Sk Khoza UN agency looks to be possesed by evil spirits.

I will be willing to help. Sthembiso is that the father of my kid. I don’t hate him and that i don’t like seeing him do of these things and to be honest i used to be hurt. To be honest he was one amongst the those who pushed ME to simply accept my ancestral business. I don’t wish to and he aforesaid you wish to travel through this and that i can support you.

It is alleged that Sk Khoza UN agency lost his job, is failing to send cash for support payment. Maweni unconcealed that despite their breakup, she has been financially and showing emotion supporting her ex-lover.

For people who don’t apprehend, I supported him financially and showing emotion. I even have ne’er seen this aspect of him and that i cannot discuss his behavior as a result of there ar things that I cannot talk about concerning him.

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