expect Who Is Winning Idols SA 2021?

expect Who Is Winning Idols SA 2021?

Who Is Winning Idols SA 2021
Who Is Winning Idols SA 2021

Icons SA’s top 4 went all out on Sunday, 31 October as they fought for a spot in the top 3.

S’22Kile, Berry, Karabo and Kevin had to be their stylish on the night as the judges chose songs for them to perform in the first round.
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They had to make sure they impressed both the judges and the observers. The alternate round’s theme was SA Music Awards winners.

Reality Television star and songster, Kelly Khumalo, was this week’s guest judge.
S’22Kile was first, singing Unathi’s pick, Rihanna’s Diamonds. Randall and Kelly were impressed. She followed up with Sun-El Musician’s megahit, Sonini, featuring Simmy and Lelo Kamau.

Kevin has constantly impressed the judges throughout the competition and Sunday was no different. He sang DJ Maphorisa’s Banyana. His alternate performance was Mi Casa’s 2011 megahit, These Thoroughfares and it had Kelly saying Kevin was ready for the world.
Both Karabo’s performances had the judges singing her praises. She started with Jennifer Hudson’s And I Am Telling You I ’m Not Going and again this week, she sang Brenda Fassie’s Black President.

Berry did n’t have a good week as both her performances had mixed reviews from the judges.
She gave a lively performance of Ariana Grande’s No Gashes Left to Cry and her alternate performance was GoldFish’s Hold Your Kite.

Sorely, Daylin Sass was excluded and didn’t perform this week, leaving viwers on social media dissatisfied.
He’d an occasion to speak to his suckers on Monday, 1 November via Twitter.

“ I want to originally start by saying thank you guys so much for your support and your votes. Your well wishes have been amazing and without your constant love and support, I would n’t have made it this far. I made it to Icons SA’s top five and am so happy, satisfied and content,” he said.
“ This is surely not the end. You guys have been with me this far, Sass Nation has brought me this far.”

He also thanked Randall for pushing him during the competition. He said Randall went to him and gave him a high five after the show.
“ He was one of the judges who really pushed me the entire season to be the stylish I can be. He turned into my competition father and I appreciate that so much,” said Daylin.

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