DJ Zinhle Gushes Over Her Baby Daddy

DJ Zinhle Gushes Over Her Baby Daddy

DJ Zinhle Gushes Over Her Baby Daddy
DJ Zinhle Gushes Over Her Baby Daddy

DJ Zinhle is eventually passing the kind of love every woman dreams of. That type of love where you feel as though your whole world is deficient without your mate. And that’s exactly how she’s feeling. The BLVD CEO can not live without Murdah Bongz And she has stated that easily.

The mama of two, who’s presently dating her alternate baby daddy Murdah Bongz is having a veritably busy life. But she had to take some time off just to gush over Murdah Bongz.

“It’s really jejune how I can not live without Murdah Bongz,”she said.

Did we mention how Murdah stole her heart however? It’s the sweetest gesture ever and Zinhle raved about it to her followers.”What do you wan na know?” asked Zinhle opening the bottom for a QnA. A trinkets follower asked”how did Bongani show you that he likes you?”
Bongani swept Zinhle under her bases by testing an old letter she wrote to her father just after he failed in 2010. Bongani plant it in her old collection and also made a new record from her old songs.

“ I plant a vinyl record from my old collection, on the cover was a letter I wrote to my pater after he failed in 2010. I do not indeed remember writing that letter but I was super emotional when I plant it. Bongani took the record, tried it and made a song for me,” she participated. Cute right?

Ever since also, they’ve been talking about each other and couldn’t feel to keep their mouths sealed. But Murdah wants to make effects sanctioned by marrying her but she isn’t interested.

In her reality show, Zinhle expressed time and time again how she isn’t interested in marriage. She said this ever since she was dating AKA. They were taking a perambulation when Murdah mentioned marriage. He said, “ But I want to do the right thing.” Said Murdah to DJ Zinhle.

Still, Zinhle said,”But the thing is, the right thing for who? Like … No!” She responded.

Just lately, AKA gushed over DJ Zinhle during a gig he reserved her to play at his Super Soft Sunday party at the Huula Beach Club in Germiston. He posted her rocking her set and indeed reflected on posts she’s in.

This new formed fellowship is veritably intriguing seeing how they’re parents to beautiful 6- time-old Kairo and how their relationship ended on a sour note. Whilst some people were gushing over this, it left a bitter taste in numerous other people’s mouths as they don’t want to see the two of them back together. They mentioned how AKA is supposedly trying to lowkey ruin Zinhle’s new relationship with baby daddy Bongani’Murdah Bongz’Mohosana
Ever since drinking baby number two, Zinhle revealed that Kairo feels a bit neglected.”. history we literally had to have a mammy and me gym day without the baby, because she’s feeling a bit neglected. I’ve to suppose of everything now, if I’m buying this for Asante I’ve to suppose of Kairo. And naturally I’m geared to take care of Asante because she’s so small. But I had to really say I’ve two kiddies, you have to attend to both and I’ve help luckily.

“She’s doing veritably well she loves her family, she just thinks the baby is boring which is true, but she loves her,”Zinhle laughed.

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