DJ Zinhle explains why Murdah Bongz has the ‘best girlfriend’ in the world

DJ Zinhle explains why Murdah Bongz has the ‘best girlfriend’ in the world

DJ Zinhle
DJ Zinhle

DJ Zinhle has made it known she’s gal pretensions.

In a recent Instagram live, Zinhle had a Q & A session with her suckers and spoke about how Bongani “ Murda Bongz” Mohosana is lucky to have her in his life, saying all her former mates could enfeeble for her.
“ He got the gal of the time. I ’m the stylish gal. Ask any of my (ex) fellows, indeed the bones from the history. They know when it comes to being a gal, I ’m the stylish gal anyone could ever have,” she said.

Listing all the effects that make her a good gal, Zinhle said her biggest rates were communicating and being humane and probative.
“ (I ’m the stylish at) understanding, communication and support as a gal. You can misdoubt on a lot of effects but not being a gal. I’m amazing and now that I ’ve plant my match who’s also amazing, I ’m excited. When they speak of any awards please tell them to add the stylish gal award and also make me win because I ’ve formerly won,” she said.

A addict said DJ Zinhle wasn’t good in the kitchen.
The mama of two recalled having a discussion with her mate and told the addict that though she can not cook, she always makes sure her man is well taken care of.

“ I can not cook but he has noway gone to bed without a home- cooked mess because I’ll make sure you ’re taken care of. It might not be by me but I’ll make a plan and make sure the house is running duly. Now that’s gal pretensions.”

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