Dineo Ranaka reinvents herself again

Dineo Ranaka reinvents herself again

Dineo Ranaka reinvents herself again
Dineo Ranaka reinvents herself again

Dineo Ranaka didn’t quiet shock many when she revealed to the media that she is now a professional traditional healer. Her fans were rather pleased and very happy for her – as she re-introduces herself as Gogo Somahashe.
Last month we reported that comedian Tall A** Mo also accepted his ancestral calling and graduated from initiation school. This was met with negativity – not due to his reputation of being an alleged rapist – but because Mzansi is somewhat uninterested by the growing number of traditional healers, especially within the show business.

However, Dineo Ranaka’s announcement quite made sense to several seeing how her personality, and therefore the way she carries herself, made many aware that she features a gift of some sort. She also sparked this conversation within the year 2019 when she wore traditional attire and was surrounded by cows.

Speaking to Sowetan Live, Dineo Ranaka revealed that this gift made itself known 17 years ago. She had fallen sick and doctors and nurses couldn’t find out what was troubling her, until she met her teacher Dr Ngwato.

At first Dineo’s Christian faith made her neglect her traditional healing gift, something she tried to ditch and convince herself that it doesn’t exist.

She described the method as very intense but she will now heal people as she graduated last week, “Undergoing the ancestral training is extremely intense. tons of it requires you to ditch yourself completely. It requires you to forget your image and therefore the status that you’ve inbuilt your world. you would like to strip yourself down and be one with nature.

“We spent tons of your time within the mountains digging trees and being taught natural medicines. because it stands i’m a professional traditional healer, I graduated last week. this suggests I can heal people through the facility of vocable and natural medicine.”

Many have the impression that traditional healing and Christianity don’t go hand in hand, but Dineo Ranaka says she is going to do both.

With the Mahlangu family, the comedian revealed that he tried to run faraway from his calling, but now that they had to simply accept it. it had been very awkward for them as that they had to bop within the suburban areas of Sandton.

“A few months back we welcomed home Mahambahlega (meaning u make people laugh ) drums rolled all night within the middle of our estate in Sandton after 6 months of spiritual journey and healing family generations welcome home, we tried to run from it for years until they came,” she said.

Mome clarified that they too practice both beliefs. She clarified that they are doing not impose their beliefs on people . “We pray to God and speak to our ancestors, don’t catch on twisted but we don’t impose our beliefs on people .”

Hi initiation sparked confusing on why are celebrities now becoming healers all of a sudden, but Ntsiki Mazwai, someone who is additionally undergoing her own initiation said it’s simply black hate.

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