Congratulations: kelly Khumalo is playing a role in zwide’s house

Congratulations: kelly Khumalo is playing a role in zwide’s house

kelly Khumalo is playing a role in zwide's house
kelly Khumalo is playing a role in zwide’s house

Kelly Khumalo has decided to undertake another hand at acting and she or he will appear on Bomb production’s House Of Zwide tonight. The songstress are going to be showing off her acting skills once more , proving that she is multitalented.

Kelly Khumalo makes an appearance on the drama series as herself. She wants the House Of Zwide interns to wow her with their exceptional designs as she wants a dress for an occasion she is going to be attending. amid her designer J’adore, Kelly encourages the designers to offer off their best, “You guys better design your pants off. J’adore will pick a few of outfits here, and that i will get them from him,” she instructs the designers.

This would not be the primary time Kelly Khumalo acted. She appeared on’s former soapie Rhythm City as Sunay.

Kelly will once more prove that she isn’t only a vocal highness, but she is additionally a reality television star , entrepreneur and also a judge on SABC 2’s get up South Africa .

Kelly is booked and busy as she is going to soon be launching her very own Kelly Khumalo Skin brand. Promoting the brand, she listed it’s qualities including being a primary of it’s kind skin repair product.

“Introducing SKIN by Kelly Khumalo with Bioquantine active
Bioquantine may be a patented, all-natural bioactive extract designed to reverse the aging process. This incredible extract OF 94 POLYPEPTIDES (a World Class First) allows damaged cells to reprogram and repair themselves back to healthy and youthful cells.

kelly Khumalo is playing a role in zwide's house
kelly Khumalo is playing a role in zwide’s house

“Bioquantine uses a natural signaling system, which helps to reverse the terminally differentiated diseased or aging cells towards a younger and healthier state. In other words, it helps the body fix its cells naturally. From skin cells to organ tissue, Bioquantine®️works an equivalent way no matter what sort of cell it’s or how badly it’s damaged. However, cells that have more damage than others also will take longer to repair,” she warned.

She further adds, “Bioquantine represents the primary of its kind, integrated approach towards biologic age reversal in humans, which addresses the complete biological regulatory architecture of human aging processes , to bring them under complete medical control within the very near future. Successful medical applications so far includes spinal regeneration, cochlear regeneration, advanced Parkinson’s, spastic paralysis , stroke recovery etc,” she concludes.
Just recently Kelly showed disgust after people made fun of rape within the country. Sis isn’t close to let people ridicule of such a sensitive issue especially one which affects numerous women, children and men.
Congratulations: kelly Khumalo is playing a role in zwide's house 3
“I’ve always know that SA may be a sick country. But after yesterday i’m very convinced that we’d like help, if we will joke about something as serious as rape, knowing alright that rape is one among the intense matters we are faced with as a rustic ,” she started off her rant.

She then slammed government for turning a blind eye and was also left angered when people made jokes about it. “Every day a lady is killed, a day a lady is raped. The enforcement is doing little or no about this matter, and therefore the government turns a blind eye whenever something of this type happens.”

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