Actress Isibaya Zinhle Mabena’s husband applies to revoke a protection order against him

Actress Isibaya Zinhle Mabena’s husband applies to revoke a protection order against him

Robert Ngwenya, the estranged husband of Isibaya star Zinhle Mabena, is about to contest a protection order granted against him by the Pretoria magistrate’s court in December.

Ngwenya’s lawyer Shani van Niekerk confirmed that the matter is going to be heard before the Pretoria violence court on Thursday.

The warrant was issued by the Pretoria magistrate’s court on Friday authorizing police to arrest Ngwenya in accordance with having violated a protection order issued by the domestic relations court on December 12 after a complaint laid by Mabena.

“The purpose is to approach the court on an urgent basis to possess the warrant of arrest that’s issued against my client certified,” Van Niekerk said.

“To date, I even have still not seen a replica of the warrant nor the appliance which was drafted in substantiation of such a warrant of arrest. We don’t know why the warrant is issued against my client or if it’s truly issued.”

However, consistent with the protection order Ngwenya isn’t to commit the subsequent acts:

• [Not to] assault, threaten, and verbally abuse the complainant [Mabena]. to not emotionally abuse the complainant. to not stalk the complainant.”

• [Not to] withhold household effects and beds for complainant and youngsters. [Not to withhold] fridge, a television and house also as car keys for the ML63 utilized by the complainant and youngsters.

• The respondent [Ngwenya] to not withhold household necessities like food, clothing, and electricity supply to the complainant and minor children.

• A warrant is permitted for the arrest of the respondent, the execution of which is suspended subject to the respondent’s compliance with the provisions of the Protection Order as stated above.

The terms of the protection order also state that Ngwenya shouldn’t enter their shared residence in Centurion.

Mabena’s lawyer Joshua Lazarus said the appliance was irregular and he was confident that the court would dismiss it.

“I’m very confident that the matter is going to be dismissed, his application is an abuse of court. therefore the application is for the warrant and protection order. But the appliance is irregular,” Lazarus said.

“There may be a strong possibility that he is going to be arrested tomorrow morning because he has been evading us. We still don’t know where he’s and his attorney refuses to offer his address. Tomorrow hopefully he involves court and therefore the warrant of arrest might be executed.”

Police spokesperson Kay Makhubela told the publication on Monday that they had received the bench warrant, but couldn’t find Ngwenya at the address that was stated.

“Police can confirm that a complainant who had a protection order approached the police in Akasia saying that her husband had assaulted her. She had a warrant of arrest which was issued with a protection order,” Makhubela said.

“Police went bent search for the husband and he wasn’t found at the address acknowledged. There are other cases of assault and malicious damage to property that are still under investigation. Dockets were taken to SPP for decision.”

The latest development within the couple’s airing of their dirty laundry comes almost every week after Mabena was jailed for alleged conspiracy to murder Ngwenya. She was freed after the National Prosecuting Authority said the court had decided that more investigation was needed before Mabena’s case might be placed on the roll.

Her arrest was associated with Ngwenya surviving an attack when gunmen apparently opened fire on his vehicle in Centurion, killing his bodyguard.