Zodwa Wabantu’s pic will start at a cool R150,000auction for her underwear 

Zodwa Wabantu’s pic will start at a cool R150,000auction for her underwear

Known for her naughty and sexxy snaps on the socials, Zodwa Wabantu is set to sell an image of herself, and offering begins at a sum a great many people will never gain in a year.

Zodwa will sell her most popular picture on the GeeGo App, and disclosed to TshisaLIVE the cost will begin at a cool R150,000.

The pic shows Zodwa hitting a vosho. Her clothing and hoops are fixed with beautiful phony precious stones and the casing illuminates.


It will be sold one week from now on the GeeGo App, and Zodwa is sure of getting a few bidders.

She additionally safeguarded the pic’s “powerful” sticker price, saying: “The value is to feature the estimation of craftsmanship. In the event that you realize you know.”

“Everybody figures they can take photographs, or ‘it’s simply photographs’, and they don’t see a lot of significant worth in it.

“Photography is a big deal. It requires some investment and expertise to catch minutes and recount to a story utilizing them. Individuals need to offer some appreciation to picture takers and craftsmen in light of the fact that they recount to the tales words can’t state.”

The cash will go towards the craftsman Mzwakhe Mtetwa and bringing issues to light of the intensity of photography.

“I regularly work with individuals who never sparkle off camera. Zodwa Wabantu in general was made by the general population. My name was created Eyadini and my prominence came about as a result of photos and recordings that were shared on the web.

“From the entirety of this, I increased a profession, yet the individual who continually took the pictures and assembled my image isn’t known. As performers, we need to guarantee we transmit the accomplishment to the individuals who work off camera in building our brands.”


Source : news365