Zodwa WaBantu’s ex-boyfriend, Vusi Ngubane reveals real reason why he dumped Her

Zodwa WaBantu’s ex-boyfriend, Vusi Ngubane reveals real reason why he dumped Her

Zodwa WaBantu’s ex, Vusi Ngubane has let the cat out of the bag on their relationship and said he was the person who dumped her.

Vusi said he started the separation since she accomplished something that he didn’t care for.

“I dumped her since she posted something I didn’t care for on her web based life accounts. What she posted pondered seriously me and I revealed to her that.

“I would prefer not to dive into insight regarding the separation, then again, actually numerous things occurred after that occurrence, things that were terrible for a person like me.

He said she drove him over the edge and the best alternative was to dump her.

Vusi said he disclosed to Zodwa that he asked for from their relationship and she comprehended.

He said he didn’t undermine her or dump her for another person, as he was focused on her and to their relationship.

In spite of what individuals think, he said he has no issue with Zodwa’s activity and he doesn’t lament dating her.

“At the point when I began this relationship, I realized what I was getting myself into. I realized it would accompany a specific measure of weight,” he said.

Vusi said he really cherished Zodwa and even acquainted her with his family.

He said he has no second thoughts dating her, however he’s had enough.

I don’t lament dating her yet I’ve had enough. She should go her direction, so I’ll likewise at long last get an opportunity to concentrate on my demonstrating profession and develop my correspondences firm.”

Vusi is presently concentrating on displaying full-time and he said he has been drawn nearer by one of the huge nearby brands to turn into their face.

He said he Zodwa still convey every once in a while on the grounds that they were colleagues also.

Zodwa reacted by saying she is as of now over Vusi and she’s as of now been with other men since the separation.

I’m over Vusi ! Truth be told, I’ve as of now f**ked two folks and one of them is notable in media outlets.

She said it is anything but a genuine relationship, she’s simply laying down with the person.

She said Vusi was beginning to hinder her work and she didn’t care for that. She said he’d stress over his picture and what his associates would think.

It arrived at a point where I believed I was being controlled and I didn’t care for that. I revealed to him posting via web-based networking media is an aspect of my responsibilities.”


Source :  News365