Zodwa Wabantu opens up on her pr0stitution and why she won’t stop walking [email protected]

Zodwa Wabantu opens up on her pr0stitution and why she won’t stop walking [email protected]

She’s known for doing whatever it takes to place food on the table. Zodwa Libram, Zodwa Wabantu to her fans, just turned 35 and she or he still has no time for people’s opinions about her life.

She proved it when she posted about making money ‘[email protected]’ and just what proportion of cash has changed her life.

Speaking to Drum she said she’s not losing any stay over people’s opinions of her.

She’s faced much criticism, and it’s reared up again now that the country is on level 1 and she’s out and about.

The greatest joy for her is having the ability to supply for the 14-year-old son. “I am happy I can look out of him. 14 years ago, his granny (on his dad’s side) raised him and did everything for him.

“I would give him the money I got from men just to also do something for my son. having the ability to send money and look out for my family is most vital to me. I care less about what people will say,” she adds.

“I just told myself that I’m not getting to specialize in the bad energy, I will be able to just do me.”
People are embarrassed about their hustle and jobs. they are doing not got to be. “With what I do, I saw a chance that God gave me and capitalized thereon,” she says.

Zodwa has previously shared how hard things were for her while growing up. From a young age, she had to find out the way to defend herself.

“You are on your own in life. If you shop around , nobody does anything for you once you are browsing a rough patch. You undergo it on their lonesome . People’s houses and cars are repossessed with people around them, and people who can afford to assist don’t,” Zodwa says.

“Five years ago, i might ask God if i will be able to I die poor just like the remainder of my family because we’ve never had anyone had best .”

Now she’s living her best life. Before being ‘booked and busy’ at parties, Zodwa says she wont to roll in the hay men and expect to tend money.

“When i used to be sleeping with men, I expected money within the morning. Now that has changed, i’m a provider I don’t got to beg anyone for money,” she adds.

“What i’m trying to mention or teach is, whatever you are doing for a living – be it a pr0stitute or any job, you recognize your reasons, beliefs, and values. Your work doesn’t define who you’re ,” she adds.

Zodwa says she always gets DMs from people posing for help, but she says from what she has seen and skim , people are just lazy to think and to try to to something with their lives.

While naysayers are judging her for her choices, she says she is putting food on the table.

“I am becoming more and more dangerous. i’m doing more and wanting more, she says.

The Durban based celebrity says she features a salon opening on the cards where she is going to sell her products, petrolatum , perfume, and make-up.