Zodwa Wabantu having a blast with Somizi

Zodwa Wabantu having a blast with Somizi

It was all smiles on V entertainment as Zodwa Wabantu met Somizi and the crew. We all know how excited Zodwa Wabantu gets when she meets her favourite celebs. Judging from the pictures and video, Somgaga is one of Zodwa’s favourites.

At one point Somizi played Santa clause as Zodwa Wabantu was sitting in his lap with all smile and clearly having a blast. Amidst all this, we have to mention the dress that Zodwa Wabantu was wearing, those are some interesting fashion goals and those shoes just look fabulous.

Team A Class???? @somizi @moozlie @mphopopps Zodwa Wabantu,So Relevant all Year in the Industry?✌️???❤️
Watch Video as Somizi and Zodwa Wabantu were connecting and I gotta say the camera chemistry between these was just so amazing.

What do you think of that amazing connection between Zodwa and Somizi? Imagine those 2 playing MC at some event, I wonder what would go on.

From dancing with no pantys at Eyadini Lounge to be on V Entertainment, Seems like a great year for Zodwa Wabantu. She just might be the Lady of the moment as of now.

With Durban July almost here, we wonder what surprise outfit Zodwa Wabantu will have for us. We have that feeling that this year’s Vodacom Durban July might just be the one that Zodwa shines brighter than the rest. We can only wait and see.