ZAlebs supports Boity “#JusticeForBoity”

ZAlebs supports Boity

ZAlebs supports Boity
ZAlebs supports Boity

ZAlebs as well as Queen Sono star Pearl Thusi, DJ Zinhle, Mihlali, and several other others have shown their support for Boity on social media once she was allegedly mistreated by TV and Radio temperament Bujy Bikwa.

Bujy admitted that he threw a glass of wine out of frustration at Boity in a very statement he free yesterday.

Boity additionally confirmed that she was a victim of physical assault in a very statement she issued shortly once the incident happened.

“It is with deep unhappiness to state that i used to be so associate unfortunate victim of a vicious physical assault and that i have since opened a case against the offender., that i’m following with a keen interest. I don’t want to investigate the matter any longer (at this time),” scan her statement.

Showing her support for Boity on Twitter, victory rapper Nadia Nakai necessitated justice for Boity. Here is what different celebrities had to mention.

Meanwhile, Boity and Bujy have each disclosed that they need opened cases against one another. Boity aforesaid she believes that justice are served, “I have all the religion in our Criminal Justice System and pray everybody to face firmly against GBV,” she aforesaid in a very now-deleted statement.

Bujy aforesaid he has additionally opened a case of common assault against the offender for physically offensive him. “….and once being in pain from the injuries I sustained for seven days, being command in police custody, I even have received medical attention and have stuffed my medical records towards my counter case.”

He additionally issued another statement apologizing for his behavior. “I would love to apologize to everybody for my reaction to matters. I regret that it happened and additionally settle for the prevalence as unacceptable behavior, and that i may have handled matters otherwise and not have it step up to the degree it’s from either myself or the aforesaid litigator and that i don’t forgive any acts of violence by somebody as well as myself.”

Bujy additional that he won’t comment a lot of going forward because the matter is currently legal. “Therefore i’d not wish to jeopardize the operating of the justice system by going into additional details, compromising witnesses, and getting in the deserves o the case as those are aerated in court. Even with the presence of overwhelming proof. it’s still allegations, and everybody has the proper to be probable innocent till well-tried guilty,” his statement scan.

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