Zakes Bantwini Celebrates his 41th Birthday

Zakes Bantwini Celebrates his 41th Birthday

Zakes Bantwini
Zakes Bantwini

Singer, record producer, and businessperson Zakhele Madida aka Zakes Bantwini celebrates his forty first birthday these days. Zakes is understood for developing the musical genre referred to as Durban Kwaito Music (DKM) that is associate degree infusion of house beats and Kwaito lyrics.

Having his life within the glare, his lovemaking has typically been below a magnifier, however square measure able to} safely he and Nandi Madida are one among the couples that attempt to stand back from abundant tilt and concentrate on their work along. However, Zakes has found himself trending for the incorrect reasons and even dragging his family into it. nobody is ideal and may tumble right all the time.

As he celebrates his birthday, here’s a glance at the days Zakes had folks love him, however some scorned him.

Zakes Bantwini and Nandi Madida barrel everybody once they declared that that they had dissolved their wedding. thought-about to be one among Mzansi’s power couples, nobody saw this returning.

However, it looks fans and everybody alike had got the incorrect finish of the stick because the 2 solely needed to get rid of Nandi from their joint estates. The multi-million-rand properties area unit allegedly owned by Zakes Bantwini and Nandi doesn’t own any assets.

So however did all this happen to start with?
It is not uncommon to listen to that AKA is at war with another creator. fortuitously, this point around, it had been for an honest cause. AKA and Zakes Bantwini went head-to-head in a very 7-a-side celebrity football match to boost awareness for cancer.

The initiative referred to as 1goalforcancer was started by Zakes Bantwini, UN agency lost his mother to cancer in 2007. Since then, Bantwini has created cancer awareness his mission, reminding US of the importance of routine medical checks.

Zakes Bantwini got dragged for his tweet regarding COVID-19 deaths occurring as a results of the stage 2 load shedding that was happening within the country. He claimed that four folks famed to him UN agency were hospitalized and placed on ventilators had died as a result of electricity was cut thanks to load shedding.

Zakes Bantwini aforementioned he was disquieted regarding the numerous others UN agency might need passed on thanks to load shedding. Flooding his comments section were those who were in disbelief at what proportion an individual of his caliber may doubtless mislead folks. though Zakes tried to defend himself things solely got worse.