Zahara’s sisters are accused of vandalizing her home in Roodepoort, causing damage amounting to more than R300,000

Zahara’s sisters are accused of vandalizing her home in Roodepoort, causing damage amounting to more than R300,000

Lumka Mkutukana and Bandezwa Mkutukana-Febana, Zahara’s sisters are once more making features for the off-base reasons. Final week, they made features after it was built up that they were offering Zahara’s furniture and other resources after being removed from her house.

Undoubtedly, the mega deal was a stunner to numerous. Affirmed reports have it that photographs of Zahara’s furniture are circulating WhatsApp with cost labels joined. On the other hand, the gossip process has it that Zahara’s sisters moreover recorded her grants for sale.

However, gossip process has it that her sisters drawn closer a few of Zahara’s previous clients and companions to purchase a few of her furniture some time recently putting the rest on a mega sale.

Against the news, one of Zahara’s near companions told Sunday World, “They are offering completely everything without indeed counseling her seniors at domestic. That furniture is way as well costly for what they are offering it for. They … truly don’t care almost her legacy.”

Barely a few days after being removed, Zahara’s sisters are trending after being denounced of vandalism. Reports have it that they cleared the house on Friday night.

However, affirmed reports have that they moreover cleared out a few of Zahara’s dress scattered around the house. Near sources to the modern proprietor have it that the sisters cleared out Zahara’s Small Falls chateau in Roodepoort in an revolting state.

The late singer’s sisters are said to have vandalized her rich house, provoking the unused proprietor to open a criminal case against Zahara’s sisters.

Reports charge that the sisters destroyed the home and stole a built-in stove. They too supposedly expelled the ceiling, and a wooden twofold carport entryway broke the front door and cleared out a poo in the pool.

A near source affirmed the occurrence and uncovered that the unused proprietor is weighing alternatives some time recently seeking after legitimate action.

The operator told Sunday World, “They have caused harm that effortlessly sums to over R300 000. In any case, they remained at this house rent-free for over six months. What kind of much appreciated is this? Who does this to somebody else’s property?”

However, reports have it that Zahara’s sisters cleared out the house amid the day and afterward returned at night to take off a path of distraction.

“It makes no sense what they did there. It fair shouts of outrage and ungratefulness. The proprietor is inside his rights to open a case and is as of now weighing his options,” the specialist said.