Zahara wants her money for Loliwe From DJ Sbu, he is A Coward

Zahara wants her money for Loliwe From DJ Sbu, he is A Coward


Imagine not obtaining acquired your debut album that is additionally one in every of your most flourishing albums in your career. All the diligence and dedication place into the album, solely to not reap the advantages of all of your sweat and tears. that’s apparently the case with songster Zahara World Health Organization claims to not have received one cent in royalties from Loliwe, her 2011 album she discharged underneath DJ Sbu’s record label TS Records.

The two are concerned in many back and forths for an extended time currently. A thereforecial media user re-ignited the meat between Zahara and DJ Sbu language the Phendula hitmaker ought to simply re-record Loliwe so she will have the benefit of the album, in contrast to her initial try.

The user, World Health Organization is Advocate Barry Roux’s catfish same, “Can Zahara re-record the Loliwe album therefore we are able to decease everywhere once more and therefore the cash goes straight to her, is it attainable,” he asked.

DJ Sbu failed to take the accusations gently and warned the tweep to not stir hassle by spreading deceptive data. He claims that Zahara has been obtaining cash from Loliwe.

“Ms Zahara’s cash has invariably gone to her my brother. It’s unsatisfying that you just still unfold false data my brother,” he claimed.

Zahara dawned contact with TshisaLive language DJ Sbu is lying and there’s no such factor as her obtaining her cash. She same she saw that her music got uploaded recently on some digital platforms while not her data which may solely mean that someone is obtaining acquired her diligence.

“It’s all lies, I haven’t been obtaining something since I left the record label, and that i saw recently that my music was uploaded on digital platforms while not Pine Tree State knowing, means that|which suggests|which implies} they oversubscribed my records to someone and it means i would like to induce a cut for it.”

She even claims to not have spoken to Sbu in brim over a year and created many tries to decision him however he ne’er answered her calls. She has even thought of going high court however her pockets area unit proscribing her from doing therefore.

“When i attempted to speak many times even last year, i attempted such a big amount of numbers to contact them and no-one answered their phones, I invariably decision them, they don’t care.”

“At the tip of the day they understand that if i am going to court I don’t have the resources or {the cash|the cash|the money} to fight them as a result of they understand they need money. God has given Pine Tree State a present that no one will take and that i will begin anew like i’m doing right away,” she said.

To step up matters any, Zahara desires DJ Sbu and herself to possess a work stoppage interview wherever Sbu answers to her face to face regarding why he has not paid her. She then calls him a coward.

“DJ Sbu should stop lying. He should be in an exceedingly studio with Pine Tree State sooner or later somewhere… a TV interview wherever I say what I say and he says what he says, he should stop lying as a result of he’s a coward.

“It doesn’t extremely matter, Pine Tree State I will invariably return to sing for my cows however the reality is that the truth, it wouldn’t have escalated like this, they ought to have simply let it go as a result of I’m speaking my truth and it’s the reality, i do not wish to listen to no one same nothing, i would like DJ Sbu in an exceedingly television room with simply Pine Tree State and him…where we tend to each say what we would like to mention,” she told the publication.