Zahara told: ‘Leave DJ Sbu alone & go to rehab’

Zahara told: ‘Leave DJ Sbu alone & go to rehab’


Mzansi star Zahara‘s money issues still worsen, and it’s not clear however she’s going to be ready to emerge from this mess.

While others have already begin to plead with the general public to gift cash towards saving her home, musical genre government and rapper Nota Baloyi, is refusing to lend a hand. Zahara is presently facing money woes, and he or she is at odds with Nedbank, that has vulnerable to sell her Roodeport home because of non-payment of her monthly mortgage.

As she continues to feel the warmth and wrath of black Twitter World Health Organization have told her to prevent blaming DJ Sbu for her downfall. Nota has weighed in his 2 cents on this. The YouTuber slammed those that wish to assist her.

This comes once metallic element Phakathi, a Twitter user, has started a fundraising campaign to assist Zahara save her home. Nota slammed the Twitter North American countryer: “You wish us to shop for her drugs? we tend to learnt our lesson with Zola. She should head to rehab & leave DJ Sbu alone!,” he claimed.

In addition, he speculated that Zahara could be receiving medication from her current label; Warner Music Africa. “I have serious suspicions that somebody at Warner Africa has been feeding our AfroPop patrician, hard drugs. My suspicions square measure raised by the strange behavior displayed by aforesaid songster ever since she signed to Warner Republic of South Africa. Last week they were having a reputation amendment party.” he claimed.

Nota has defended DJ Sbu World Health Organization is suspect of allegedly destroying Zahara’s career: “Now we tend to square measure looking at another apparently drug burning TikTok meltdown & nonetheless DJ Sbu has nothing to try to to together with her career however he’s the one that needs to suffer as a result of Zahara abuses substances? i will be able to conduct additional investigations to urge to the lowest of this. You’ve been WARNED, WARNER,” he tweeted.

Zahara recently pleaded with Kaizer Chiefs to assist her save her home. in line with Daily Sun, aforesaid she wished to host a three-hour concert at a construction to boost cash for her house. Her solely problems were a construction, sound instrumentality and ambulances, and he or she wished help from the soccer club.

“I wish to approach Kaizer Chiefs to assist Pine Tree State. I promise to try to to nice. I simply wish to possess a concert, not only for Pine Tree State however my fans and family too,” she told the publication.

“I wish to plead with Chiefs and Kaizer Motaung after they have their next match. I don’t wish to try to to abundant. I simply wish to sing my heart out. I will do a three-hour show. All I’m requesting is that the sound instrumentality, construction and ambulances additionally as different things,” she additional.

Zhara, DJ Sbu and TK Nciza square measure hostile as a result of she is inculpative them of allegedly exploiting her. associate degree recent video of DJ Sbu setting the records straight concerning being suspect of uptake Zahara’s cash has resurfaced. DJ Sbu categorically denied the claims

“We created history along, by the means I miss you. however what I don’t like is once she says I owe her cash as a result of you recognize that’s a lie and if you go all the way down to the books at Universal Music, she really owes North American country cash,” he said.

He went on to reveal that Zahara was admitted in hospital for a liver downside because of significant drinking. “She remembers those 2 Christmases once no one was by her facet, that we tend to had by the second time. Actually, she was browsing the foremost, no one was there for her. She was in hospital, she was browsing a liver downside, and therefore the doctors there have been speech communication she was drinking alcohol,” he said.

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