‘You’re a nobody to me’: Amanda Du-Pont comments to MacG’s demand for an apology

‘You’re a nobody to me’: Amanda Du-Pont comments to MacG’s demand for an apology

‘You’re a nobody to me’: Amanda Du-Pont comments to MacG’s demand for an apology
‘You’re a nobody to me’: Amanda Du-Pont comments to MacG’s demand for an apology

A pissed off MacG took to his podcast and ventilated regarding the events that open last week, that saw his name obtaining dragged through the mud with rape accusations. The Podcaster demanded Amanda du-Pont to apologise to him for apparently classifying him as a outlaw once she alleged that she was raped and nearly dead by Jub Jub.

In his legal letters sent to Amanda du-Pont, MacG had requested for her to apologise to him for as well as his name in her video wherever she alleged Jub Jub raped her. within the video Amanda known as on all ladies World Health Organization are abused or raped by Jub Jub or MacG to come back forward and DM her.

Macygver ‘MacG’ Mukwevho same on Podcast And Chill that had they notable Amanda suffered greatly at the hands of Jub Jub, they’d not have used the words they did, and that they would handled the matter properly.

He sympathised with Amanda however same it doesn’t offer her the correct to pull his name and create such allegations. MacG same he was on the phone along with his mother for two hours discussing this matter.

He then gave Amanda your time to apologise and retract her statements and for them to fulfill during a variety of a group discussion. “Amanda, there’s still time to retract before I take proceedings,” he same on the Podcast.

In the letters he had sent to Amanda, MacG claims to suffer reputational damage and she or he had currently influenced “influenced an outsized variety of individuals to currently read and label him as a outlaw and offender.” The video she shared drenched tears received over two million views.

But Amanda du-Pont isn’t inquisitive about apologising to MacG, neither is she inquisitive about meeting up with him. In fact, she considers the roaring podcaster a no one to her.

In the letters she sent through her lawyers Marweshe Iraqi National Congress. Attorneys, to MacG, that were shared on social media by broadcaster historian McKaiser, Amanda expressed that MacG’s laughter and manner during which he replied to Jub Jub’s remarks “amount to each civil and crimen iniura against her.”

A part of the letter reads, “Our consumer has done no such things. Any reputational damage your consumer could have suffered (of that we tend to don’t seem to be aware) couldn’t solely be owing to your client’s own unacceptable behaviour.”

Amanda then same MacG did not apologise to her in public or in camera for having hosted the episode that triggered her. Amanda then claims that MacG needs to silence her as a “rape survivor.”

“Our consumer rejects this request. we tend to area unit educated that, to our consumer, your consumer may be a no one. She has neither the time nor the inclination to fulfill with him.”

In conclusion, Amanda’s legal battle with Jub Jub also will see MacG obtaining sued moreover.

The one one that apologised to Amanda although was Jub Jub, however he solely apologised for the approach he spoke regarding her. he’s still following proceedings against her and therefore the 2 different ladies World Health Organization suspect him of rape.

“I have taken your time to re-watch the interview and replicate on my words specifically my exchange with MacG relating to Ms. Amanda Du Pont. it absolutely was inappropriate on behalf of me to debate the intimate details of my relationship with Ms. Du Pont publically. I deeply regret the incident,” he continues.

“I additionally apologize to my fans and therefore the public for the inappropriate language I used throughout the interview. With regards to the accusations levelled against American state by Amanda et al. I actually have determined to form an area for the law to require its course and that i request the media and therefore the public to try to to constant,” he concludes.

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