#WishWeWereThere: local celebs are chasing the sun as we shiver in SA

#WishWeWereThere: local celebs are chasing the sun as we shiver in SA

Tanqueray ambassadors Blue Mbombo and Lorna Maseko on their recent trip to Seville, Spain.
Image: @blue_mbombo/Instagram
While we’re draped in multiple layers of clothing and braving the cold front sweeping across SA, some of our favourite A-listers have on as little as possible — they’re chasing the sun in foreign lands.

Our eyes are green with envy, not only because we’d love a mid-year break, but because we’re missing out on all the sunshine they’re soaking up.

So we can live vicariously through them while we do a very slow countdown to summer, we’ve rounded up hot-weather holiday snaps from five celebs.

The reality TV star is the epitome of summertime chillin’ in this picture. Like her travel buddy, Maseko, Blue Mbombo is back in SA and she’s probably regretting not extending her Spanish vacay.

While we can only dream of summer days, the star of The Bachelor South Africa is actually living them in Italy.