Why has Andile Mpisane takes back the BMW he bought for his ex-girlfriend DJ Sthelo

Why has Andile Mpisane takes back the BMW he bought for his ex-girlfriend DJ Sthelo

Why has Andile Mpisane takes back the BMW
Why has Andile Mpisane takes back the BMW

Durban- It doesn’t rain however it pours for the house music DJ, Sthelo Shozi.

After she was in public embarrassed last year once the daddy of his babies, UN agency was her swain, Andile Mpisane visited propose and marry another girl besides her.

Mzansi was significantly afraid at that as everybody is aware of that Andile is geological dating the DJ. It came as a shock once we saw footage and videos of Andile Mpisane and his surprise engagement to the 27- years-, old model, Tamia Louw.

It was for the primary time that the general public learnt of Tamia as she wasn’t renowned and Andile wasn’t seen along with her or maybe taking footage along.

Now, consistent with Sunday World publication, there’s a reason that created Andile to dump DJ Sthelo and went on to marry Tamia.

According to sources, Andile started having doubts concerning DJ Sthelo’s second baby and questioned if it’s his baby.

This went on to AN extent that Andile, persuaded by his mother, Shauwn MaMkhize Mkhize, to own the assay exhausted order to prove the reality.

Apparently the assay issue caused an enormous stir ANd crystal rectifier to the 2 to own an argument and things went south.

The Forever hitmaker, UN agency is twenty seven years previous, has 3 youngsters. Her 1st born kid, she had it with another business man whom she dated before she dated Andile.

Apparently that businessperson was married and DJ Sthelo was lambasted for geological dating a spouse, to AN extent that she was known as a homewrecker.

As we tend to all understand that MaMkhize continuously had suspicions that the second kid isn’t Andile’s. There was a time whereby MaMkhize wasn’t obtaining in conjunction with DJ Sthelo however that was resolved at the top.

Now, consistent with this new data, MaMkhize persued her son to try to to the assay.

After that failing with the DJ, Andile drop her and visited marry Tamia.

In Gregorian calendar month last year, on Sthelo’s birthday, Andile bought her a fashionable BMW.

Rumours has it that Andile has fetched the automotive and DJ Sthelo has been discontinue financially by the Mpisane’s as MaMkhize is taking care of the kid.

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