watch deatils: Why Generations Serial Killer Storyline motivates South African Women

watch deatils: Why Generations Serial Killer Storyline motivates South African Women


Generations: The heritage audiences ar apprehensively awaiting the show to bring to a close the liquidator plot. Rockville actor Lehasa Moloi joined the soapie this season to play a liquidator named Winston.

Mzansi ladies ar triggered and traumatised by the plot of Lehasa’s character as it’s a reality for a few. Gender-based violence remains at associate uncomparable high in Republic of South Africa as a lot of and a lot of ladies are becoming killed by their partners similar to Sphe from Generations.

Winston may be a liquidator who’s been killing ladies for nearly twenty years and recently killed the show’s fan-favourite character – Mia.
Viewers additionally need Sphesihle to induce discharged from Winston and for the police to rescue her before he kills her.
Sphe managed to create a call to her ex Mazwi and disclosed Winston’s name before he grabbed the phone from her.


This storyline on #GenerationsTheLegacy is actually scary. You could meet someone who seems so perfect and everything you want in a partner, kanti o jola le a psychotic serial killer. Men are so scary.


Mjolo is quite risky…pawning with your own life..the worst monsters nowadays walk around in suits and are professionals..its so scary.


This Winston must go now suka.


This is traumatizing us please do me a favor cut short the Winston part . Next week we want him dead or jailed him until 2075. This thing is painful hurting in the same time. I looks really yazi and am just wondering why it’s seems so really to me.


Winston is playing the worried bf but he knows exactly where she is.TypicalI guess Generations is also trying to teach us that no woman is safe.I mean if a whole rich princess can get kidnapped then whomst are we

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