Why Actress Fundiswa Zwane replaced by Brenda Mhlongo in Imbewu: The Seed?

Why Actress Fundiswa Zwane replaced by Brenda Mhlongo in Imbewu: The Seed?

Performer Fundiswa Zwane has as far as anyone knows been surrendered from her activity as Madonsela in eTV appear, Imbewu: The Seed. The on-screen character, according to a report by Isolezwe was purportedly surrendered after her boss referenced a lift in remuneration for the performer. Fundiswa’s exit is said to have come as a stun to her as she was uninformed of her exit. She will be purportedly displaced by Brenda Mhlongo.


A source told the appropriation states that Brenda was told by others that she was finished managing the sensation and that Brenda would replace her as she was from work.

She should be shocked as he was up ’til now set out to keep acting yet required more money. Money matters are an issue in this game as Tony has left since he was not content with his pay. Siyabonga Thwala had quite recently started the account of being a bit of the game yet that was not commonly the circumstance for the money, “said a source. Brenda has recently started recording and will appear on screens soon.

A year back the show was hit with claims that staff had their compensation rates diminished to in any occasion half of what they were picking up from the outset. Sunday Sun reported that the creators of Imbewu: TheSeed have decided to decrease their staff’s remunerations therefore they acknowledged that they are getting “to an outrageous”.


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she is talented actress:


She wept
For all the places in her that have been broken and rebirthed, over an over.



In the beginning of my acting journey I used to loath crying scenes because that’s how I saw it… A scene that requires the manufacturing of tears, which I have a limited supply of so I used to be quite frustrated and anxious

As I grew as an Artist I also grew in understanding, the Work requires one to feel the full volume of the PAIN of the character… That’s all. When you are honest with that, the tears are a by-product.

Playing KaMadonsela has taken me on a roller coaster of learning about emotional depth.