Who Will Replace Shona Ferguson? Kings of Joburg season 2 .

Who Will Replace Shona Ferguson? Kings of Joburg season 2 .

Who Will Replace Shona Ferguson?  Kings of Joburg season 2 .
Who Will Replace Shona Ferguson? Kings of Joburg season 2 .

Mzansi was dealt a major blow after the death of Shona Ferguson, one of the country’s most fat and talented actors and Television directors. The famed film director appeared in a number of products produced by his product company Ferguson Flicks, including the first season of Lords of Joburg and Rockville.

Previous to his end, Shona had informed the nation about the forthcoming alternate season of the critically- accredited Netflix original series. The 6- part series delves into heritage structure, fractured family structures, unfaithful brotherhoods, and the goods of crime and African manhood on families and society at large.

The star- speckled cast of the show included the likes of Zolisa Xaluva, Cindy Mahlangu, Thembi Seete, Tsholofelo Matshaba, Tokollo Sebothoma, Abdul Khoza, SK Khoza, and Buhle Samuels.

Shona played the part of Simon “ Vader” Masire, a member of the KOJ brotherhood and the eldest of the Masire siblings. Simon leads the family business as the smoother, more attractive family. Still, underneath the lavish suits and ties is a man hiding a dark secret.

King of Joburg entered rave reviews from observers and numerous are anticipating its return, still no sanctioned advertisement has been made about the date of season two’s premiere or who’ll replace Shona. We guess we ’ll have to stay a short while longer to find out when the series will come back ago there has been no evidence that it’s in product.

Shona also starred on Rockville as JB Bogatsu, which wrapped up the 5th season. Shona Ferguson thanked his cast and crew for making it possible, “ To the entire cast & crew, THANK YOU for your world- class gift and professionalism. You guys make me happy. Thank you@mzansimagic for trusting us to bring another season of the show that started the drama series on the channel.”

Shona failed on 30 July 2021 due to COVID-19 affiliated complications at Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg. His company has been lauded for creating gripping drama series and telenovelas for Mzansi Magic, which included The Queen, Rockville, The Wild, iGazi and The Imposter, and Netflix series Lords of Joburg.

His family has promised to carry on his heritage. “ He made me a pledge to always be by my side wherever he is, wherever I am. And I’m going to make him a pledge as I’ve done ahead, that no matter what comes and goes, I’ll always carry on his heritage and I’ll make him and my family proud,” said his son Alicia Ferguson.

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