Watch:Babes Wodumo In Hot Water With Mampintsha’s Family

Babes Wodumo In Hot Water With Mampintsha’s Family

Watch:Babes Wodumo In Hot Water With Mampintsha’s Family
Watch:Babes Wodumo In Hot Water With Mampintsha’s Family

Babes Wodumo might be in hot water with Mampintsha’s family following her hype trick where she cursed at her hubby’s mama and Makhadzi. Her hype trick might have bring her a lot than she had bargained for.

Babes Wodumo’s limelight might have sizzled out seeing how all the hottest and newest acts are taking over. So in order to remain applicable, and to get people to buy her music again, she had to resort to hype numbers to gain attention. This might have boomeranged hard and now her in- laws are reportedly fighting back.
Watch:Babes Wodumo In Hot Water With Mampintsha’s Family 3
According to Daily Sun, Zama Gumede and family are taking the legal route. But if you suppose about it, that too might be a hype trick. You just noway know! All to get her EP Crown, further figures.

In her rant, Babes called Zama all the bad names you can suppose of including b *** h and w *** e. In the viral vids, Babes said Zama of abandoned her son Mampintsha when he was only 3 days old. She also addressed the time when she appertained to her grandson as spontshi, but Babes said the sponger messes it’s diapers and does all the effects a baby does.

“ She must n’t f *** k with me, I ’ll cost her. She’s drunk,” says Babes who also stated her hubby Mampintsha who defended her and said she was drunk, she didn’t mean it. Still Babes said she’s drunk from the s *** t she was talking.
“ She said I must apologise, why should I apologise? This canine is drunk. She’s saying I should apologise when she has noway apologised to my family. This b *** h,” said Babes who also apologised for calling her mama-in- law these curse words, but continued to do so.

She also hovered to call the goons she knows so she can educate her a assignment.
Diurnal Sun reports that Babes also lost out on her director Keke Mokoena who said Babes is no longer manageable. “ I guess my managing style is no longer compatible with her as an artist,” she said to the paper.

Babes is now being managed by Sbusiso Mncube but an apparent close source said Babes lacks professionalism. It contended that Babes would cut Keke out from the stuff she’s doing and perfect illustration is the release of her EP Crown.
Her EP got mized by some people who are still awaiting an reason from Babes for what she said to Makhadzi.

This is what some said
“ I’m really disappointed in you shame, I really liked you.”

“ You really need help before it’s too late.”
“ It’s pure covetousness, there’s nothing further. She’s just jealous at the fact that because of her arrogance she was so quick to vapor that she’s the hottest youthful artist. She used to utter similar words indeed when she did n’t win awards. Makhadzi has always remained humble, people have body lowered her, called her all feathers of horrible effects. But still remained calm and that’s why God is continuing to bless her. Babes with her arrogance will noway achieved what that youthful woman has achieved. Babes will only achieve at swearing at people.”

“ At least you’ll noway reach the position Makhadzi is at right now!!! She just keep on winning.”

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